Comic books worth a lot include Action Comics 1

What are comic books worth? It is a question that is not all that easy to answer. Because they have been treasured for their potential value as an investment and for the stories they provide, this question can have many replies. Yet is most likely that people are asking about the monetary worth of comic books with this question in order to estimate how much cash they can make if they sell comics in their comic book collections. Those who want to determine their comic books' value should understand a few basic principles to help them put a price on their collections.


As with any other collectible, the value of a comic book depends largely on age, scarcity, and demand. Of all these factors, demand is by far the most important criteria. If enough people want a particular book, it can become scarce simply because individuals are snapping it up and refusing to sell it, lowering the overall supply, increasing its scarcity, and driving up demand. Thus, when one is looking at a series of comic books, worth will increase in proportion to how many people want the book. Generally speaking, superhero comics are going to be those books that are most in demand.

Age and Scarcity

Age and scarcity are also important factors in figuring out the value of a comic book. New X-Men comics that were published in the hundreds of thousands and even in the millions during the 1990s are not likely to increase much in value over the long run because it is almost impossible for demand to be high enough to snatch up all the supply. Such books, which many people hold in their comic book collections, are also so recent as to be found easily across the United States, lowering their overall resale value. Batman comic books from the 1930s and 40s, however, are going to be worth a lot of money, generally speaking, because they are quite old and there are not many of them left in good condition.


Condition is another important element that is considered when people ask the question what are comic books worth? Pristine, like-new copies will sell for a much higher price than comic books that are wrinkled, toiled, torn, and so on. Overstreet, one of the most famous of the comic book pricing guides, has a grading system used to evaluate condition, and their system is widely used in the market to determine the condition of a comic book in shops and on websites that sell comics. One should be aware, however, that such pricing guides really only indicate what a specialty store might get if they sell a particular comic book. Private sellers who want to sell their books to a store will typically get much less than the price guide value, unless they have comic books that are exceptionally rare or important. If a book has great historical importance as the first appearance of a famous character like Superman or Spider-man, it is going to be valued much higher than later appearances of the same character.


Those are some simple guides to figuring out the monetary worth of a comic book. Yet, it should be noted in closing that there is one more way to answer the question what are comic books worth? If the collector loves the story and characters in a comic book and gets much entertainment out of it, then the value he or she places on the book is priceless even if few others want to own it.