Ladies sport watches are becoming popular among many women. With the main aim of helping women to focus on their fitness, health, and sports activities, these watches are pushing the technology of timepieces to a new level. With features such as timers, stopwatches, and alarms, these are becoming an important staple for the average person. Especially with ladies who are equally as busy as the men, they would need reminders on daily tasks too and the ladies' sport watch is that one guide that'll give that to them. If you want to know more about ladies' sport watches, then read further.

What are ladies sport watches?

Ladies sport watches are specifically designed for women who are into sports, fitness and health, or other types of outdoor activities. They basically have some stopwatch functions aside from the normal functions of telling the time. Some designs even have heart rate monitors to help them with training or exercise regimens. However, all these are just the basics; but what really sets them apart from men's sports watches are the fact that ladies' watches are more colorful to look at. They have simple designs and are somewhat lighter than the average watch out there. All sport watches are supposed to be water-resistant and some are even waterproof (waterproof and water-resistant does not mean the same thing).

The different types

There are different types of ladies sport watches. The basic types are the ones that are classified by their movement mechanisms like the quartz watches. These have batteries in them that you can replace if they finally run out. There are also automatic sport watches that derive their lifespan from a person's overall movement. Other differences are that some are diver sport watches and some are the less waterproof (water-resistant) watches intended for basic land sport activities. Some have sleek colors, and some focus more on techie functions.

How to choose one and who do they suit

If you're a physically active sport-minded woman, it's recommended that you choose a watch that is at least water-resistant. Also, try to choose one that's automatic instead of quartz ones so that it won't be a hassle replacing the batteries every time it runs out. It is also recommended that you pick a sport watch that has a good backlight for better viewing in the dark. Functions such as heart rate monitors, stopwatch features, etc, are also some of the basic choices.

How much

It's astounding that some ladies sport watches can be bought for only $5. They're still quite good for your everyday activity but if you want more functions and features out of your sport watch, then be prepared to spend at least 50 dollars for it. Some sport watches even go for a hundred dollars or so and you can expect to have a lot of features on those types.

Ladies' sport watches are certainly for the average and yet physically active woman. They can be bought at local sporting good stores but rarely sold in jewelry shops. However, if you want more choices, you can choose to go online and do your shopping there.