McKenna writing desks are specially made writing desks that are made of many different types of timber but then are finished with a dark cherry veneer. McKenna desks tend to be simple, small, and light weight, but that doesn't take away from their functionality and charm. Although it is important to note that there will be some assembly required, the simple and small design takes away many of the potential hassles that can come from this.

McKenna desks are well known for being small, light, and shippable. They are one of the few types of desks that you can actually easily take apart and put back together, making them good choices for children's desks, dorm rooms, or crowded office desks where space is a premium. If a simple writing desk can meet your specific needs, then McKenna brands are a good choice.

While the measurements can vary based on specific modesl, most McKennas are going to be of moderate to smaller size, something in the range of 45 inches long, 20 deep, and about 2 and a half feet off of the ground. Obviously this will come with everything you expect, like 3 drawers and some tapered legs for style. In an odd bit of irony, these desks are often ordered online from some big retail stores, but they are not actually available in person at those same stores. Very odd, but that's how it works with some models of the McKenna writing desk.

While most of the desks mentioned as McKenna's refer to the popular cherry finish line of desks, there is an outside chance that when someone refers to these desks they might be talking about McKenna's Furniture Inc. in Ontario. This is the company that does antique reproductions, while most people wanting the wood desks are looking for the US made brand.

Whether or not this desk is right for you is hard to say. Each individual situation is different, as individual needs are, as well. The quality of a good McKenna small writing desk has been agreed upon by many people, and the aesthetic appearance is fantastic for the cheap price. There's little argument that a good cherry wood look makes for a beautiful desk. The desk weighs about 87 lbs making it very maneuverable and manageable, and for many people the appearance will close the deal.