A trailer is a vehicle that is unpowered and non-moving. It is hitched to a powered vehicle such as a truck, a car or a motorcycle and pulled behind the powered vehicle. Trailers are mainly used for carrying additional luggage.

Motorcycle trailers are machines used to carry motorcycles or an utility trailer pulled behind a motorcycle or mounted on a motorcycle to allow the motorcycle carry more luggage.

A motorcycle trailer used to carry motorcycles is usually open or closed and can carry one or more motorcycles. It is towed by a truck, van or any suitable automobile. The enclosed trailers prevent damage from poor weather conditions such as rain. They are also safer and prevent view from curious onlookers. Their disadvantage is that they are heavier than the open trailers. Some motorcycle trailers are made to be collapsible for easier storage when the trailer is not in use. They can also come with an adjustable tongue length. This means that the length of the trailer can be adjusted.

The difference between this type of trailer and other types is that they have tracks to keep the wheels of the motorcycle form moving from side to side. This prevents the motorcycle form tipping off the trailer. They are also equipped with ramps that facilitate the loading and unloading of the motorcycles to and from the trailer.

Some motorcycle trailers are smaller in size and have a narrow base. These are the ones pulled behind the motorcycle. They can be of either the single-wheeled or doubled-wheeled variety. They are usually styled to match the color and shape of the motorcycle. Due to their small size, they can only carry a small amount of cargo. The single-wheeled type allows an amount of flexibility similar to the normal motorcycle. The double-wheeled type is more flexible. A normal motorcycle is never recommended when hauling cargo. This is very hazardous to motorists as it is not designed to pull heavy loads.

A motorcycle trailer hitch allows you to hook a trailer to your motorcycle to transport cargo. Although one has to be sure to buy the right trailer hitch because different hitches are made for different motorcycle types. The wrong hitch can cause damage to your motorcycle. A hitch not only allows you to tow a trailer, but it also allows you to attach camping equipment, cooler carriers and a luggage rack. Swivel hitches are also available for maneuverability of the trailer.