The Reason Behind The Hair Loss

The first and foremost point before looking at the options available after hair loss is to completely understand the reason that the hair was lost. Many people suffer from some form of hair loss in their life and there is a vast array of reasons, from stress to genetic problems and this has to be known before the options can be considered.

I've provided several links on this site that can be explored to not only look at the options after hair loss, but to ensure that the correct reason behind the hair loss has been discovered.

The First Option - Medical Hair Replacement

For many people, the reason for the hair loss has been due to a medical condition, such as alopecia or after a course of chemotherapy. In these cases, your Doctor will provide information on the most appropriate hair replacement options that are currently available, as well as their recommendations for the individual case.

This information isn't restricted to people with serious or underlying medical conditions however and should you feel you may benefit from a prescription drug or ointment to help with your hair loss, then an appointment should be made with your Doctor to discuss the reasoning behind your hair loss and the options available.

Herbal Hair Loss Solutions

Many people are somewhat wary about the use of herbal alternatives for hair replacement. There is an image in some people's minds that people are stood over an open fire mixing pieces of tree bark and weeds together. Although humorous, it simply isn't true and all herbal treatments in the modern day are tested thoroughly to ensure that no major side effects or negative points are apparent.

The issue with herbal alternatives is that they very rarely stimulate the growth of new hair. As can be seen by exploring the links on this site, herbal alternatives are often a fantastic option for preventing or reducing the speed of hair loss, but they are not, unfortunately, known for aiding with the growth of new hair.

The Decision

Overall, when looking at the hair replacement options available, the decision is entirely yours. There can be many side effects to hair replacement via drugs and lotions and some people prefer to stay bald than be subject to any further problems. However, for some people, being bald isn't a viable option and in these cases, with advice from a Medical Doctor, the most suitable hair replacement option can be chosen.