An online company directory is a directory that is published online that contains information such as a company list which may be a list of individuals who are on the board of directors if the company is publically traded or it may be a list of the company products or services. An online directory is a tool that can be utilized by both private parties such as potential clients or buyers of the goods or services or it can be beneficial for other businesses who want to buy products or services wholesale to enhance their own business. An online business directory is a marketing tool as well as an informational tool mush like the probably almost obsolete yellow pages.

What About Online Directories

When a business decides they want to create an online directorio de empresas (company directory in Spanish) they can search the internet for companies that create and publish company directories. In some formats the sidebars of the search engines may contain business directories which may also contain a company list of services and other information about that specific company. In the case of some search engines this may be a marketing service which the business must pay a premium for. If the business goes through a company to get their name in one or more company directories they may also have to pay for that service. And companies that provide this type of service are also businesses themselves and are simply selling their own ‘product’ which is business listings.

Finding The Proper Niche For That Business Listing

A company directory that is simply listed in alphabetical order in a telephone book type of listing is relatively useless as all it may provide is a name and email address or actual landline telephone number. It will not have any sort of company list which details more specific information. If you want to include more information and utilize this form company generated marketing list you will need to find the proper fit for your business. Just like the yellow pages you need to define just what your business is in the business of doing. And just like the traditional yellow pages the listing headings may be ambiguous. For example does electronics mean small house electronics or electronics involving wires and cables and poles?

A Business Directory As A Marketing Format

When you decide to include a company directory or a listado de empresas (company list in Spanish) and you have made the decision of where you want that information to be placed then you have to decide just what you want to include in this listing. Generally an online directory will include the company name, the email address, a phone number perhaps, a customer service email address, the specific industry and a location. A searcher will turn up your name on an internet search for a specific industry.

Online Information

A company list or a company directory may not be all you need. You may also require a listing of all of the product lines you carry. It might also include any services you also offer.