Promise rings are a symbol. A symbol of a promise you have made and are giving this ring to keep true. These rings are suppose to show how serious you are about a situation, and that you plan to stay true no matter what.


The idea of these rings, have been around a long time. For many people they help prove their commitment to something or their love for someone. They can be given by both men and women, but most commonly are given by men to women.

You may think of them as something to do with engagement or possibly marriage, but in fact you can give a this for many other reasons.

Below are five common reasons. Many times they are a silver band, but can be any kind of material of your choosing. It is what they symbolize, not the cost or style that matters.



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What They Can Mean

1. You can give one to your best friend. This is very common between best friends that are moving away from each other. It is a way to remember them, and promise to remain best friends. This makes the parting easier.

2. A promise to stop doing something, such as stop smoking. By giving a gift, it is like making this vow very real, and shows you are serious about this plan, and by giving the ring you are basically "sealing the deal" .

3. I am yours. I will not go out with anyone else.

4. A promise to love you, but am not quite ready to get engaged just yet.

5. A willing to come back to you. (common when teens head off to university or college) and want the other to wait for them. This was also common during war time, as a fighting soldier went off to war and left his girl behind.


Some are simple, and are given to each other. Others are quite large and engraved. Which ever one that is chosen, you have to make sure the person you are making this vow to, understands the meaning behind this special gift. You don't want to be giving them the wrong idea.

You need to be clear why you are giving them this special gift. Whether it helps to make a parting easier, or helps to deal with a vice. Most promise rings that are given, are usually silver bands that are worn on the right finger (rather than the left marriage finger) There are many that are designed to fit on the thumb as well.

You just need to decide the type you wish to give. Whether you are the only one giving this, or whether you both decide to give each other a promise ring. You can get matching ones as well. Silver ones are very popular.

You can purchase them online, with such sites as Ebay and Amazon, and other jewelry sites online. You can spend anywhere from 10 dollars to hundreds. It all depends on what you are looking for and your wallet! These can be fun, or a serious symbol.