For the majority of ex-felons, finding a job can be a virtually impossible task. Many companies simply do not want to take the risk of hiring somebody convicted of a serious crime. With that said, the job search process can be one that is incredibly depressing and daunting, as the general perception is that employers won’t even offer an interview if you’ve indicated that you’re a convicted felon on your application.

While the prospects of a job or career for ex-felons seem bleak in most respects, there are some job options available for people who have felonies. With the right research and an enduring positive attitude, a formerly convicted felon will be able to find a job in due time that will eventually lead to a potentially solid career.

One of the most important things for ex-felons to keep in mind when looking for a job is that, while there are some organizations out there looking to help, it is important to make sure that they are helping themselves. The quickest and most efficient way to find a job is to both use the resources of others, and to start looking for one on your own. One way that ex-felons can look for a job on their own is to utilize employer listings at various non-profit listing services. There are various services that provide listings of employers that are open to hiring ex-felons. Using these services is a great place to start, as ex-felons won’t be turned away due to their criminal record.

Another way for ex-felons to help themselves is to utilize their parole officer to the maximum extent possible. By abiding by your specified program, the parole officer will see that you are serious about setting your life straight, and will help guide you to the right places to find a solid job.

There are some jobs that you will not be able to do, regardless of your skill level for that particular position. In general, jobs in any licensed field, such as medical or educational, will be considered off-limits. In addition, most jobs at large corporations are essentially unattainable for ex-felons. With that said, it is important to not completely rule out large corporations, as you may be able to start through a temp agency placement in such a corporation. By exceeding expectations during your work through the temp agency, the large corporation may offer you a full time position working directly for the company.

One of the best options for ex-felons when it comes to finding work is to looking to small businesses. While you’ll likely have to start at the bottom of the company, you’ll work closely enough with the owner to make a strong impression. As such, you’ll be able to build your reputation, and land a more desirable position.

Finally, it is recommended that you pursue educational opportunities to the maximum extent. By taking various courses to learn new skills, or to obtain various types of vehicle licenses, you’ll be able to show that your past is behind you, thus making you more attractive to companies that may have otherwise opted to look past you.