If you are suffering from alcoholism, or someone you know is struggling with this addiction, you are not alone. Millions of people around the world suffer with alcoholism. Your curiosity and your question about "What are some of the treatments for alcoholism?" is a good one. It is hoped that this article can help answer some of these questions for you.

The first important concept that must be stated is the person with the alcohol addiction has to want to get help. There is help for alcoholism and the treatments can vary from person to person, country to country, and state to state. The key here, however, is that it is hard for anybody to get help with any type of addiction if the person does not want to recover.

Detoxification Programs

If drinking is severe, and alcohol detoxification may be indicated because of the extreme withdrawals that the alcoholic may go through. To prevent delirium tremens, the person with the alcohol addiction will have to get this medical treatment to prevent seizures and other complications. Drugs for alcoholism may be given at this time to help the alcoholic move through his or her withdrawals.

Residential Alcohol Treatment Programs

There are many residential alcohol treatment programs that can be considered excellent treatments for alcoholism. When treating alcoholism, these programs are very effective in giving the alcoholic a chance for a new beginning in his or her life. Caring staff members in a comfortable and safe environment provides a great healing environment for those with alcoholism in need of treatment. Although many of these programs are quite expensive, studies have shown that the success rate is very high with residential alcohol treatment programs.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling can be very effective as one of the treatments for alcoholism. Counseling can provide one on one support for the alcoholic in a safe and comforting environment. It is recommended, however, that the alcohol treatment counselor has a strong background in alcoholism and is certified in this area. Without this background, the therapist may not understand what the alcoholic is going through. Individual counseling should be given by someone with a thorough understanding of alcoholism.

Outpatient Group Counseling

Outpatient group counseling, also known as Day Programs can be very effective as a treatment for alcoholism. These programs usually take place daily and have many group therapy and individual counseling sessions as well. The good thing about these types of programs is that you do not have to pay for a residential treatment program and can still get very good treatment for alcoholism. The negative aspect is that the alcoholic does not get a change in their home environment, which may be necessary for healing. This is especially true if the home environment is chaotic or toxic for the alcoholic.

Medical Treatments

There are some medical treatments for alcoholism that are available to those suffering from alcoholism. One of these drugs, called disulfurum (Antabuse), can cause virulent physical reactions such as nausea and vomiting if mixed with alcohol.

Acamprosate is an anti-craving alcoholism drug that is supposed to suppress the craving for alcohol in the alcoholic.

Vivitrol is an injectable form of the drug Naltrexone and this is also an alcoholism drug that is supposed to help prevent cravings for alcohol.

12 Step Meetings

Also known as A.A or Alcoholics Anonymous, this group has helped millions throughout the world with an alcohol addiction. Although there is some controversy around A.A as being a religious program, many with alcoholism have gotten clean and sober by attending A.A Meetings.

It is hoped that this article was helpful in answering the question "What are some treatments for alcoholism?" As you continue to research online, you will become more educated on treatment for alcoholism and will hopefully find the answers that you are looking for.