Reduce Costs

In any sales-oriented business, bringing in new and repeat orders is the key to a company’s success. It is also important, however, to reduce expenses, streamline the ordering procedure and eliminate mistakes in the ordering process. In fact, by streamlining and reducing ordering mistakes, companies can make a big difference in their bottom line. An effective way to do this is with sales quotation software.

There are a number of benefits associated with using online quoting software. A business proposal, which can take a lot of time and research, is much easier to write with sales quote software. When the information that sales personnel need is available online, there is no lag time while they look up or research information. By using web quoting software, everything they need is available at their fingertips whenever they have an Internet connection. This allows them to prepare a quote quickly and increases the chances of a sale.

Using a software-based proposal generator also takes the guesswork out of sales quoting. Quote management software can be configured to include specific required line items and sales clauses as well as prices. Not only does this help sales personnel prepare a quote quickly, but it also lets them be confident that they haven’t forgotten any necessary details.

Online proposal software can also be used to create a web-based catalog. When there are changes to inventory or services, it is simple to update this online catalog. By using software that comes with a sales configurator, changes can be populated throughout the system instantly.  This ensures that the information available to the customer is always current and accurate and minimizes the time required to update the information. This ensures that sales personnel in the field have confidence that they will never write a quote using outdated price or inventory information.

In fact, sales configurator software can even help determine prices to charge, thus taking the guesswork out of the pricing structure. This software can analyze variables and gives sales personnel options to select from a screen in the program. This streamlined process not only speeds up the quote, but is professional looking and instills confidence in the customer.

Sales configuration software also has the benefit of allowing a standardized procedure for sales quotes to be implemented. This will help keep all sales personnel up-to-date with the same information and ultimately reduces training cost. Once everyone has learned how to use the software, there should be no additional training required except for minor updates to the system.

Finally, online sales quoting software is not only available wherever your sales force is, but it also is easy to maintain. Because it is web-based, there are no additional hardware costs, no extra servers to maintain and no additional IT requirements beyond the basic computing power you undoubtedly already have. There is no need to hire extra IT personnel to manage this type of system.

The benefits of sales proposal software are clear. Not only will it reduce costs and speed up the quoting process, but it will also allow your sales personnel to be out in the field and meeting with customers. Online quote software allows your sales force to be out in the field selling, which means more money for your business.