As a smart shopper you have to know that its best if you shop in bulk only after holidays. I know this may look mission impossible, if you are patient enough you will get the best deals. Your old Christmas tree doesn't have to be empty without any of gifts, you can get thefew important things and wait a day after Christmas, remember that beautiful sweater you really want will be much cheaper on 26th December.

Most businesses, stores and daily deal sites offer bargain prices and special to customers deal, a day after Christmas. Here is a list of how you can score the best give away few days after Christmas.

*Christmas items. The trees, decorations, lights, blow up Santa and all Christmas themed accessories will be offered at a very cheap price after 25th December. A day after this is just the perfect time to stock on these items; remember Christmas will be back next year. You can buy a candy gift wraps in earlier and at a cheaper price.

*Winter clothing. This is the best season do away with every fall merchandise. You will find daily deals and clearance sales on almost all winter clothing. The clothing includes: jackets, coats, sweaters, boots, jeans and some accessories like hats, gloves and so much more that didn't sell earlier. The discounts can be very great, usually 50%, and even up to 75%. If you really are a smart shopper, take advantage of this and do your shopping after Christmas, this way you will save a lot of money.

*Refurbished and returned electronics. Although it may be hard to find a good electronic deal just after Christmas, with refurbished and cheap open boxed products you can a great bargain.
Gift exchang mostly happens during the festive season, lets take an example where you get two similar DVDs, both are worth the same price. You will probably not keep both DVDs, so you now have to return one to the store where you will exchange it for a different thing. However you will most likely find many other people with similar intentions at the store. This obviously means that the retailer will sell the DVD you return ata cheaper discounted price. Therefore there is going to be abundant pre-owned merchandise and finally another customer who will buy the DVD will benefit.

Few days after Christmas are always a good time for an awesome deal on various items,however if you are not careful you may end up buying defective items that you will most definitely regret. learn how to be asmart shopper, avoid making any mistakes especially if you need to buy electronics. If you are okay with refurbished items, you can get serious discounts.

*Overstock items. Most of the time this is where you can get good deals depending on how fast the store owner wants to clear the shelf space. Good examples of overstock items are those loss leaders e.g.DVD players, LCD television, hometheatre packages, blu-ray disc players that are new. These items have not been opened, used or even returned.
The above items are probably not the most popular name-brand models, but they can be of great value. They are the first to be bought especially in and after Christmas sale. A day after Christmas go to the store very early for a chance to get one of these above items.

*Soon-To-Be-Clearance Items. Every January in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is held . During this time all manufactures of consumer electronics from all over the world to come unveil their new products for the New Year.
In February, these products are in shelves, this continues into spring and summer.
For them to beat the competitors, a retailer must clear out the current products that are targeted for change from the warehouses stores as fast as he/she can. This is when you will benefit the most as the buyer. If the retailer makes a mistake of over estimating a particular product, he/she is likely to have lots of stock by February, this will make it hard to sell the older model, since the competitors who never over ordered stock of the old model will be selling the newer version of the model when it gets to the market.
In order to eliminate the currentoverstock, retailers have to significantly drop their prices, as a buyer you will benefit most from the cheap prices.

Before you buy those items so need to check and clarify some things. The following four important thing should be checked before you make any purchase.

1. Check what is inside the box, do this with the store manager or the sales person. Always make sure the owner's manual of the product is there, and all that all the accessories are present. If some items are missing you can negotiate for a cheaper price to make up for the missing items.

2. Carefully check the discounted price at the sticker on the box.

3. If the box is been open, make sure you see it plugged in and ensure it working okay. Check on this at the store before you make any purchases. This way you will be guaranteed of proper working item.

4. On the open box label, remember to check the date code, also check on the price sticker. Even though this may not show you how old a product is, you can still know how long an item has been on the shelf as open box product

* One deal a day and daily deals sites have always been a favorite option for many. They are the best places to get that amazing discount deal of the day. Just after Christmas the sites truly shine, they sell the greatest overstock, merchandise for very cheap prices.

When you need to take advantage of the daily deals and clearances sales promotions, know that restrictions on returns, exchanges and refunds might apply. Mostly clearance sales are final and non-refundable so be sure of the purchases. Check for any defects before you buy, ensure the items are in a good condition.