Lightweight strollers can be extremely cheap or extremely expensive. The difference of course is quality. If you truly are looking for the lightest stroller regardless of quality then your options are limited to the bottom rung of quality. Plastic parts and no accessories are in your future. The lightest will probably not last for long.

If on the other hand you need a really light weight stroller that is safe, built to last, and is made by a trusted brand then read on. There are a number to choose from which can be had at different price points which offer different features.

In the list below I’ll only list the absolute lightest strollers so if you have other needs you’ll have to do some more research.

The Overall Lightest Baby Stroller For Sale

Cosco Umbrella Stroller, Xoxo
Amazon Price: $20.11 Buy Now
(price as of May 22, 2015)

Cosco Juvenile Stoller - The Cheapest Lightweight Umbrella Stroller For SaleThe Cosco Juvenile Umbrella Stroller is the lightest stroller I know of. It costs hardly anything and its quality is utterly low. It basically has no features other than a seat on wheels. It is of such low quality in my opinion that it is not worth reviewing in detail. Having said that, the Cosco Juvenile only weighs 5.8 lbs with shipment packaging from Amazon.

I recommend hand over fist paying a bit more for the following quality light weight strollers.

The Best Ultralight Strollers You Can Buy Today

These are the lightest baby stroller on the market today without sacrificing quality.

Maclaren 2012 Volo Stroller In Black: The Lightest Umbrella Stroller You've Ever UsedThe 2012 Maclaren Volo – This stroller has been redesigned by Maclaren for 2012 to be compliant with international safety standards. Aside from some slight color differences and a limited edition Candy Bar color design the 2012 Volo looks almost exactly like the 2011 Volo. This 2012 Volo stroller review goes over the stroller in more depth.

The 2012 Volo stroller is the lightest stroller on the market. It will last for a long time and it weighs in at 8.8 lbs assuming you have no optional accessories attached. If you buy the 2011 version the weight is even less – 8.6 lbs.

The Chicco C6 Capri Stroller Is Super Light And Fairly CheapChicco C6 Capri Stroller – Like the G-Luxe this stroller also weighs in at 11 lbs. It is also a full-featured stroller with 2 reclining positions and a 5-point harness but what sets this stroller apart from both the G-Luxe and the Volo is that this stroller is notably cheaper than the other two.

Of course if you are looking for ultra lightweight strollers then the Volo is still your best choice but if you do want some reclining options for your toddler or if you are looking to spend less money overall then you have to consider the Capri. This 2012 Chicco Capri stroller review goes into more detail covering both the pros and cons of this stroller.