An aluminum carport is a good choice if you are looking for an attractive metal carport that is highly weather resistant. The two best advantages of aluminum are its strength to weight ratio, and its non-corrosive properties. These two factors make aluminum a near indispensible metal in the transportation industry, most notably the aircraft sector. At the same time, these very same two properties make it an ideal material for residential and commercial buildings.

Aluminum is one of the most plentiful metals on earth. It makes up a little more than 8% of the earths crust, and can be found in combination with other elements in over 270 different kinds of minerals. This is perhaps one of the reasons that although it is very abundant, it is also one of the most difficult metals to extract from the earth.

If you are thinking of getting a metal carport, or a metal building of any kind, a popular choice for protecting your vehicles from all kinds of weather is a free-standing aluminum carport. Many options are available for free-standing models, including ceiling panels to cover the roofs structural elements, color options for the roof and posts, and many styles of gutters and downspouts for effective water drainage. Most distributors have a large selection of different sizes and heights in stock, so you should be able to customize your building to suit your budget and the number and type of vehicles that you need to store.

With a carport you don't even need to store vehicles - many people use a carport simply as protection from the weather for events. They can even be used as a permanent shade protection in the backyard where you lack trees for shade from the sun. Another great use is shade and weather protection for animals on a working or hobby farm. Your horses or cattle would welcome a chance to get out of the sun or rain, or have some shelter from bad weather. Add one or two walls on sides facing the prevailing winds, and you have just created an extremely useful all weather protection that can be installed anywhere with very little effort and overhead. No matter how remote your pasture or storage area is, transporting an aluminum carport kit for a freestanding aluminum carport is a simple matter, and the tools to build and install it are minimal as well.

Once you've decided on the basic material and style for your carport, you need to make sure that you choose the right size. Remember that you not only have to think about width and length, but height as well. If you are installing beside your home, then you should choose a height and roofline that complements the style of your existing house. Remember that overhead storage in a carport makes extra use of your storage space. If you have the height, you could consider installing a mini loft, which would give you additional storage space almost totally protected from the elements. Another space to consider is adding a bit of extra length or width to your planned space, where you might choose to install one wall and set of fixed cabinets. This is also a great way to provide extra weather protection, as well as extra secured storage space for smaller items.

Whether you decide to install a freestanding or an attached metal building or carport, just keep the following main points in mind: decide what the basic material will be - usually this will be either aluminum, steel or wood; decide what style to build; and decide what size you need to store your items. Next all you need to do is get your building permits, order your carport, and you'll be constructing in no time!