We have a very large choice when it comes to buying composters. We can choose from a large number of different barrels, bins and all manner of different things. But, if you really do want very high quality compost and in a very short period of time then it is the compost tumbler that wins hands down.

Let's take a look at why the compost tumbler or the rotating composter is such a good choice for anyone interested in making high quality compost quickly and why many composter reviews are in such awe of them and believe them to be the best composters. The truth of the matter is that conventional composting techniques can be quite slow. It takes months to get the compost. Added to that is the fact that it often looks untidy if it is just a pile at the bottom of the garden. It also attracts vermin and other animals that are interested int he smells.

With a compost tumbler you never have any bad smells. The unit is sealed apart from air holes for ventilation and this vastly cuts down on the number of smells so it will not attract anything that is not wanted. Added to this is the simple fact that all the contents are contained in a nice and tidy way. No unsightly mess or bits of half finished compost all over the garden. The machines look great and they can be placed anywhere in the garden without looking like an eye sore.

But this is not really the true benefit of the rotating composter. It is the fact that you can make compost in just a few short weeks that is the real benefit. This can be achieved because of a number of things. The simple fact that the contents are in a sealed container means it heats up quickly and gets to work right away. Added to this is the fact that we are rotating the contents on a regular basis. This is the real reason why we can make compost in just a few weeks. We mix up the contents a lot. This chops them up in to small pieces and this makes them compost much quicker.

It also means that we very evenly distribute the heat. No hot or cold spots. We keep mixing everything up so we get an even heat. This means that all the contents act quickly to turn into compost. This is at the heart of how we can achieve such god results in such a short space of time. There really is nothing that compares to the compost tumbler for being as efficient at making compost. If you want a machine to help you to get superb results in record time then this is the best possible choice.