Blogging is becoming quite popular these days and it is not uncommon to buy domains which have their name in them, then set up a premium hosting account and start their own blog. This all costs money, and for a good host you will most likely have to pay something close to $20 each month to have your website hosted even though most of the beginners don't have any readers in the first few years of bloggin. This is why it is important to know the best free blog hosts and use one of them to get started. Eventually you can upgrade to a blog which is self hosted.

I am not going to list the 10 best free blog hosts but instead I am going to give you advice on how to find a host that is suitable for you. Since many of us are just looking for a place to write down our thoughts and not to make it a social blog, allmost all of the services are going to be good enough. There are individuals who want to take their blogging to the next level and maybe even dream of professional blogging, and that is why it is important to host your blog on a service which is upgradeable and easily moved to your own host sometime in the future.

Such services are provided by companies as Dreamhost Apps, which allows you to easily upgrade your free blog to a paid hosting account, without any hassle. You will have the same blog there but you will have total control of the content, and the files that you upload. You are also going to be able to change the themes and add your own custom themes once you are done. is a popular place to host your free blog in. The reason for this is that they offer you free packages and also premium packages that allow you to simply upgrade your membership to resemble your self hosted blog. Also there are many high profile bloggers blogging at including over 50 blogs for CNN. If a high profile company like that can afford to host their blogs there, why couldn't you? It is definitely one of the largest companies offering probably the best free blog hosting. Because of this the community is also large and you can easily gain followers and make a name for yourself as a blogger and as an expert in your niche.