Diabetics Shoes

What are the best shoes for diabetics? This is one question all diabetics come to ask. Cheap diabetics shoes and discount shoes which actually look good are always sought after by diabetics just as they are by any other person going about their lives but when you are living with diabetes you simply can't afford to wear shoes which do not properly protect your feet.

Shoes which leave your feet exposed at the toe can put you at risk for experiencing damage to your toes without you even realizing it. You could easily stub your toe or kick a small object and not think twice about it due to low sensitivity in your feet but later you may find that the damage you inflicted is bad and possibly exacerbated by the lack of attention after the injury.

Why Wearing Diabetic Shoes Is So Important

The simple fact is that people with diabetes tend to have a progressive degeneration in their nerves. Neuropathy of the nerves in the lower extremities in particular can be brought on by many years of poor blood glucose control. When years of high glucose levels in the blood are coupled with high levels of circulating insulin in the blood stream nerves slowly can become damaged and can eventually lose all sensitivity which can make it very easy for you to hurt yourself without even realizing it.

Additionally living with diabetes for years on end can cause a slow deterioration in the small blood vessels and capillaries at the ends of your feet and toes making the healing process very slow when damage occurs. Because your ability to heal is compromised the protection of the feet becomes that much more imperative.

Obviously you can see why proper diabetic foot care is so important. If you are more prone to hurting yourself because you can't feel pain in your toes, feet, ankles, or lower legs and you are less able to heal in those areas then you can see that people with diabetes will often have many problems with their feet, some of which are irreparable resulting in wounds, infection, and eventual amputation.

What Makes A Good Shoe For Diabetes

Shoes for diabetes patients are characterized in general as being wide, roomy, soft, and supportive. Every person will have different needs and some people will have such extreme cases that no diabetic shoe on the market will be good for them. When major foot deformities occur resulting in feet which are extremely malformed a podiatrist will likely have to prescribe medical diabetic shoes or prescription shoes for diabetes. These shoes will generally exhibit the classic diabetic shoe design but will be shaped more specifically for your foot and may have a molded insert designed to distribute weight and pressure evenly around the foot.

Standard shoes for diabetics will not be as intensely made and they won't cost as much either but they will be made of soft materials and leathers which are less likely to rub and cause irritation or foot ulcers. They are almost always going to be laced and snug so as to lower the amount of irritation a loose shoe can inflict. For instance a sandal or loafer will always be loose and will have defined areas where rubbing and irritation can occur. Diabetic shoes will not have these areas.

Similar to the therapeutic diabetes shoe, shoes designed for diabetics will usually be wider than normal through the middle of the shoe and especially at the end near the toes. This is to accommodate the often large feet, toes, and other deformities that many diabetic sufferers have. Normal diabetic shoes will almost always be a little longer than standard shoes so that toes are less likely to extend and touch the end of the shoe. Basically anything that ensures that pressure points and irritation spots are minimized are main characteristics of diabetic footwear.

Always Continue To Practice Proper Diabetic Foot Care

Wearing the best shoes for diabetics is probably the easiest and most effective way to ensure that your feet are well protected and safe from damage and wounds however you can't simply rely on expensive shoes to do all the work for you. You also have to make sure you practice all the routine diabetic foot care practices as well. You should be wearing diabetic socks when appropriate, regularly seeing your podiatrist, staying active and healthy, managing your diabetes with your doctor, taking the proper steps to improve insulin resistance, and carefully examining your feet on a regular and frequent basis for wounds, cuts, and bruises that might crop up from time to time.

If you can stay on top of managing your diabetes better and addressing foot problems early before they become serious you can usually stay much more active and live a much higher quality of life. Proper foot care for diabetes isn't all that complicated but it must be adhered to on a regular and constant basis. You absolutely need to wear diabetes shoes but you also absolutely need to take all of the other steps to take care of your feet, ankles, and lower legs.

Which Diabetic Shoes Should You Buy

Ideally you will buy a pair of diabetes shoes for all the activities you do. You really shouldn't be wearing standard shoes at all. If you are in early stage diabetes you may be able to get away with it but if you treat the condition with respect you will do whatever you can to manage the condition better and that means wearing the right type of shoes for all occasions.

The major brands of shoes which make wide shoes or diabetic shoes such as Propet, P.W. Minor, and Drew Shoes, as well as many others, make different kind of shoes designed for different kinds of activities. You can find diabetics athletic shoes, diabetic walking shoes, diabetic dress shoes for men and women. High heels are probably not going to be a good option nor are sandals or loafers but diabetic house shoes and work shoes including heavy duty work boots can easily be found.

Make sure to look at all the shoes the major diabetic shoe companies offer and buy a pair for all the activities that are important to you… and yes you should buy some shoes for walking as you need to stay active – this is one of the best ways to help manage diabetes. Many walking shoes are good for all kinds of activities but one of the best shoes for diabetics for general all purpose wear are the casual line of diabetic shoes by Propet. If you are new to the world of diabetic support shoes then acquaint yourself with this brand. You may just find the shoe for you.