Are you afraid to get buttock implants? You might have heard about a woman that died from getting butt implants, but the chance of death due to butt augmentation is very minimum. However, people will react to the news, and think twice before getting butt implants. This is very similar to terrorist cases, for example, some people are scared to take the plane ever since September 11. The truth is that butt augmentation is a very low risk procedure.

Accidents will happen no matter how flawless something might be. Nothing will ever be perfect. The uncertainty of complications are what worry people to get plastic surgery. There is no such thing as risk-free when it comes to plastic surgery. Any surgeons that tell you it is risk-free guaranteed are liars who just want your money. However, they can tell you that they have never had a problem dealing with butt implants.

Some problems in the future can occur. For example, the implant might slip a bit away from the original location. Some people can experience long-term pain in the buttocks area. The funny thing is that some people will take pain as long as he or she can get more attention or self-confidence.

You will have to revisit the surgeon to get butt implants redone after 10+ years. Most are after 15 years as that is what most surgeons would recommend. The implants do not stay "perfect" forever so it must be redone later in the future.

Your surgeon will be able to answer every single question that you have. It is strongly recommended that you prepare a list of questions before you go to see the surgeon. Everything you say remains confidential between you and the plastic surgeon. Some people might be too embarrassed to discuss the problems. Even though buttock implants have low risk, you still need to sit down to think about it before you consider going through surgery for them.