Ukulele players go through multiple steps when buying a ukulele. First they try to find something cheap enough to get started. Then after playing for some time, they realize that other better sounding ukulele exist and they listen to some of them on youtube or they meet with other ukulele players. They start hearing about the K-brand ukulele and wonder what they are.

To make it simple, the K-brand ukulele are some of the best ukulele that are being made nowadays. The guarantee of greatness in their sound and looks is a given and most of the families that own these companies are well-known in the ukulele community. Some companies have been founded hundred of years ago and have maintained a quality level above average. Hence their popularity.

Everything is made so that the end product will have to default. The choice of the wood is usually very traditional and most of them are made of koa wood from Hawaii. It is interesting to know that the best looking piece is chosen and is cut so that the pattern of the wood will fit the design of the ukulele. For example, the stripes have to all be in the same direction of the neck. The continuity is then preserved and the harmony of the design makes it more beautiful.

The instruments are verified every step of the way to ensure that there will not be any default. If there are some defects, the instrument is either going back one step behind or made all over gain. It is important to know that since the quality of every piece used to make the ukulele must be perfect, there are a bit of leftovers.

One company has a very specific soundhole that has being design to get the best projection and sound. Koaloha has even patented it so that they are the only ones able to use it. Their ukulele are very easy to spot when in the middle of other ukulele.

Since all the instruments have a wonderful sound, the K-brand companies are all famous for their seriousness in the making of great instruments. They are nicknamed the K-brand because they start with the same 11th letter of the alphabet. Every ukulele player have yet to be able to strum one of these following brands : Koaloha, Kamaka or Kanilea. They are the finest ukulele made nowadays.