What Are The Mayan?

The Mayan civilization was considered one of the most sophisticated and advanced among many Ancient cultures in the Western hemisphere. The civilization was known to have flourished between 300 and 900 CE. It once comprised of forty cities in several areas like southern Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and northern Belize. In regard to this, many people ask what are the Mayan ruins.

What Are The Mayan Ruins?

The Mayan ruins are several cities and landmarks that are associated with the Mayan civilization which can be found at several sites in southern Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and northern Belize. Many of these ruins are classified as World Heritage Sites.

Most Mayan cities are identified with magnificent and wonderful stone temples and pyramids. These are primarily used as ceremonial sites. Most Mayans were farmers who lived in the rural areas who asked advice from the priests on the best days to plant, harvest, and marry. The Mayans are well known for their knowledge in Mathematics and Astronomy which at that time were very important in their religious rituals. Besides that, the Mayans are also known for practicing human sacrifice as a means of nourishing and appeasing the gods.

Where Can You Find The Ruins?

Mayan RuinsCredit: Flickr - MiriamPoling

Many people who ask what are the Mayan ruins are confused about several sites. The ruins are not found in just one location. In fact, the ruins are spread across several locations in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize.

There are currently eight Mayan sites discovered. One is Caracol in Belize, this is an important Mayan city that flourished in the sixth century. It was hidden in the jungle until its discovery in 1938. This site contains several pyramids, tombs, and Mayan art. Another is Tikal found in Guatemala which is a city which flourished in 700 CE. It is also known as the Temple of the Two-Headed Snake. Third is Uxmal found in Yucatan, Mexico. It was a late-Classic Maya site built roughly before the tenth century. The site is considered to have one of the most complex Puuc architecture. Fourth is the Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico which has unique architecture and royal history.Mayan Ruins - TulumCredit: Flickr - joiseyshowaa
The fifth Mayan ruin is Tulum found in Yucatan, Mexico which is located on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The remaining three are also found in Yucatan. Chichén Itzá is one of the largest ruins and a center of Mayan pilgrimage. Cob's still needs to be excavated but it is known to have several ceremonial roads and pyramids. The last one, Kabah is known for its Mayan vault and elaborate carvings of the Mayan rain god Chac. This would give you an idea on what are the Mayan ruins.