What next the next step after Graduation

Now is the time of the year when College students finally graduate and move on to the next step in life. So what is your next move? Most will say graduate school, career, etc. but this might be unattainable for most College students after Graduation. Now students are facing a much different and difficult world than the past.  Here are some useful tips that help you in taking the next step after graduation

Create a lifelong plan: This is something that not only college graduates should do but everyone should do. Creating a lifelong plan puts ideas and actions into perspective and optimizes the use of time. You can start out by listing out life goals and branching out those goals into steps needed to meet them. It’s best to create short-term and long-term goals to make sure that the plan is consistently followed. When I make long-term goals with a short-term goal I sometimes find myself veering off course as time passes so it is very important to create short-term goals with long-term goals to stay on track.

Finding an income source: Before I graduated, I always assumed that I will find the perfect job right after college but it takes time. Life is too unpredictable and ever-changing to have such high expectations in such a short time. Most college graduates have student loans to pay off so it is best to start saving the money to prepare for it. Finding a job or a source of income is important to start the saving process, regardless of the occupation. Your first post graduation job does not find your life, only you do. So if you need a job just for the money than keep that in mind while keeping track on your goals. Most successful people today started out in jobs that are irrelevant to their academic studies. It’s like a house, from the basement to the roof; steps  needed to get there.

Networking: It is a good idea to meet people who are similar and have the drive to make things happen . It helps a lot to surround yourself with people who have the same ideals and interest because it motivating. Also it keeps you informed on news on your goals and plans. In most cases, you will find job offers through contacts you meet or even find information on jobs that you may have never known. College Alumni or graduates are the best source for building your networking base. Most alumni are eager to help college graduates who want to take the next step. To contact alumni, check your school website or give them a call and explain to them your situation. I know for me, even now, that contacts can help you put your foot in the door of job opportunities. Also volunteering and social websites are good sources to meet new people. Websites such as meetup.com and Facebook are good starting points to build a strong networking base.

Start you own business: There are many ways to start your own business, regardless of the economy. If you have an idea, hobby, or interest in anything, you have tools necessary to start a business. Write everything that sparks your interests and research about that interest. Most likely you will find information to help you make that next step. Hotspots and good places for start-up businesses are: Blogs, Websites, Ebay, and Affiliate Marketing.

There are many ways to for a newly college graduate to make it in the world, the first step it to take the first step as simple as it sounds. There are many other creative ways to start so don’t limit yourself, ONLY THE SKY CAN DO THAT