If you’re trying to find a decent vinyl banner and aren’t sure what the popular sizes are, then don’t fear! I’m here to help you decide which banner is best for you. So, here is a list of a few great banner sizes, why you should choose them, special considerations about those particular banners—and where you should use them:


This is a great banner for people who have smaller businesses or want to place their banners in many different areas. Of all the popular sizes, this particular one is extremely durable and easy to put around the city—wherever you have in mind. However, you have to make sure that you keep these banners clean and make sure that they’re easily visible; unfortunately, since they’re smaller, they might be overlooked. However, their portability is definitely a plus. Perfect for small stands, park benches, and small parties.


These are definitely larger—and a great banner for those huge gatherings. This type of banner will require wind slits—it keeps the banner signs from warping and distorting the wording, a common problem in windy cities. These are a bit harder to maintain, since they’re heavier and you probably aren’t going to be constantly putting them up and taking them down. However, they’re pretty easy to clean. All that you have to do is spray them down with a water hose. These are great for picnics, big company gatherings and the like.


These are medium size banners and good for gatherings—and local advertising. This also might require wind slits, but it depends on the banner signs company that you choose. Take your time to find out which would be best, based on location and the like. Next, cleaning should be slightly easier, depending on where you put this particular type of banner. Great for saying more without saying too much and you still have enough room to put up other things. Good for picnics, small gatherings, special deals at your local store, and everything in between.

So, once you’re picked the popular sizes that you like…

Relax! And get working on your banner. Take into account not only the size of the banner, but also what you want on it. Maybe you technically only need a small banner, but you have a lot of stuff to fit on the banner. Don’t skimp just because the banner sizes that are recommended to you say so!