Body scrubs are becoming a popular trend, but what exactly are the sugar scrub benefits? As a matter of fact, what exactly is a sugar scrub? We don't know exactly who the first person was that decided to take such a common household ingredient and rub it all over their body. What we do know is that they were truly genius! Such simplicity in one's beauty regime to get beautiful, glowing skin couldn't have been better timed in our hurting economy.

So, what is it? A sugar body scrub in a combination of sugars and oils to create an exfoliating paste or "scrub." Sugar crystals are small yet gentle enough to scrape away dead skill cells, while the oils are used to moisturize the skin. The outcome is glowing smooth skin.

Most people do not realize that sugar contains what is called humectants which do not clog one's pores, making it gentle enough to use every day if needed. It helps to keep those pesky unsightly blemishes far away because of the non-clogging pore effect. However, most scrubs only need to be used once a week on average. It is also not recommended to use on your face, so please keep that in mind when starting this beauty regime. Following instructions is important, even if it is the best body scrub.

These scrubs can definitely be used in the shower to help with problem areas on your body. It will help to keep those places silky and soft. It is such a simple combination of ingredients that will save you so much money. Can you imagine spending mere dollars on ingredients that you probably already have laying around as opposed to hundreds of dollars on spa ingredients that will give you the exact same effect? How can one deny the benefits of sugar scrub love?

So now you know the basic benefits, let's break it down even further. We know that you can mix either brown or white sugar in with an oil of your choice to make a simply scrub. But you can also add other ingredients that will benefit your skin. For example, did you know that avocado oil is full of different vitamins that are all good for you skin? It's definitely great for sun damaged skin and replenishing Vitamin A and E. It's also an excellent anti-aging ingredient.

Mixing a little bit of lemon zest or even lemon juice can brighten and smooth your skin. Just make sure you do not step out into direct sunlight for a couple of hours after use. A few drops of lavender oil mixed in with the basic sugar scrub can not only be used to scrape those skin cells off, but can also bring a calming relaxing effect to your muscles. Coconut oil is an awesome moisturizer. It's also a great way to delay some aging and wrinkles. Try adding spearmint essential oil for an uplifting scent that can also help with headaches.

Adding a few drops of Vitamin E Oil is definitely beneficial for healing skin. Jojoba oil is a natural acne preventative. Aloe Vera is mostly used for skin rejuvenation and soothing inflamed skin. All of these ingredients and many more can make up a beautiful and helpful organic sugar scrub. Feel free to research the different elements of your personal scrub to see what works the best with whatever your skin type is. It is easy to track down ingredients that will enhance your skin.

As you can see there, are plenty of sugar scrub benefits. But what will always remain the biggest ones, besides the beautiful skin that you will receive for using them, is saving that money. It is so important during our times that we find ways to keep us healthy, and save some money. And it is just as important to keep our skin healthy as our heart. And this is definitely a low cost efficient way to do it.