Every year the best toys for Christmas presents change dramatically. This year the top toys for Christmas 2010 collection is more eclectic than ever before. A lot of this is due to changing technologies and a lot of it has to do with a long economic recession that has buried individuals and families for months and even years. But even despite the frugal tendencies of families this year there are still plenty of popular toys this year that will be great Christmas presents for your kids and those children you give to regularly.

This year the craze of Zhu Zhu pets are expected to flood over to the boys. There are a number of Zhu Zhu pets for boys planned and depending on your child's play habits these count be an excellent Christmas gift that is both popular and trendy. Some ideas which are coming out include ninja hamsters and special forces hamsters which build on the Zhu Zhu hamsters framework but are simply branded to be more attractive to young boys.

Other fancy toys for Christmas that may be quite popular for 2010 include touch toy guitars which are similar to the Guitar Hero but without the attached video game. Paper Jams these Christmas toys are called and they allow child to simply play the guitar without actually having to buy a real guitar. This obviously is less expensive for a parent to buy for their children than a real guitar than many kids end up losing interest in as the years pass by. This makes this type of Christmas gift ideal for parents looking for excellent and popular Christmas toys for reasonable prices.

For more technological gifts this Christmas you may want to go with a new digital product called Chatman which is a simultaneous internet monitoring device for the parents and a helpful companion for your kids at the same time. This Christmas toy may be one of the most versatile toys you could buy your kids this Christmas because it may help your kids with homework or social interaction with friends but it may not be a swell received by your kids due to it being slim on tangibility. Even in their internet age kids value tangible toys they can hold with their hands and this may not satisfy their toy cravings.

In any event there are always staple items that are typically well received year after year by kids spanning multiple generations and areas. Lalaloopsy rag dolls are great for girls, Elf On The Shelf Sets are great for the whole family, and the ever-popular yoyo is one popular toy that many boys and girls have enjoyed. Other popular items that have been around for generations are playing cards, walkie talkies, and various types of sporting equipment.

This year it may be tough if you are looking for the top toys for Christmas, 2010 is still a tough economic year for many families and downsizing on gifts may still be in your budget. If however you stick to time tested toys and gadgets you may find more bang for your buck. And not only that but many of the time tested toys and gadgets which have been given to kids at Christmas times for years can usually be found in most stores and online quite readily unlike popular toys that come and go never to be heard of again.