Tungsten carbide wedding bands are wedding bands that are formed from a relatively new form of titanium called tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is essentially titanium metals formulated to be stronger than typical titanium but more brittle as well. Because of this tungsten carbide wedding bands are quite popular among men as the strength of the metal is more capable of handling tasks that require strength.

In addition to the strength of the metal tungsten carbide wedding bands are typically more fashionable for modern men because the metal is a little darker than typical silver wedding bands and is thus a little more fashion forward. The ring is definitely in style and gaining in popularity.

Tungsten carbide wedding bands are also quite cheaper than traditional metals such as sterling silver, titanium, and gold jewelry. This is despite the fact that tungsten carbide is considered to be precious and less abundant that many of the aforementioned metals. The reasoning behind its affordability is the demand for the metal which is still low although it is growing every day.

Coming from a twenty-something newlywed I personally can attest to the current popularity on the tungsten carbide wedding band as I purchased one in 2007 as did most of my male friends who were going through their marriages as well. The metal simply looks good, looks modern and fashionable, is strong, and sells for the right price. You can't go wrong with a nice tungsten carbide wedding band.

Personally I chose to buy a tungsten carbide wedding ring which was designed as a simple brushed metal band. My wedding ring had no stones set in the band nor was there a ornate design however the options for tungsten carbide wedding band designs are quite abundant.

My finance and I, at the time, found that many traditional jewelry stores did not carry a large variety of tungsten carbide wedding bands. This was likely because the metal was one of the less expensive metals and was designed usually for men who happen to be less frequent purchasers of personal jewelry. Despite this however I found a lot of benefit in looking at the in store selections of tungsten carbide wedding bands to get a taste of what type of band I preferred. The metal is dark in general but it can be found in a variety of shades. Seeing the wedding bands in person gave me an idea of what kinds of wedding bands I preferred.

I also found that specific wedding band designs were difficult to find in stores however many online retailers carried far wider selections. In then end I ended up buying a tungsten carbide wedding band which was quite dark and quite simple. It was easily found in traditional jewelry stores but having not shopped around I never would have known for sure if that was the wedding band for me or not.

It's now been two years since I first worse my wedding band and I cannot help but be happy that I chose to go the route of modernity and buy a tungsten carbide band. The wedding band looks very masculine, is strong, and easy to clean; and always gets compliments from strangers, friends, and family. Considering it's reasonable cost I couldn't be happier and I can't help but recommend to newly engaged men to look into tungsten carbide wedding bands as a legitimate option for your wedding ring.