While current society labels a diet as something you are doing to loose weight, a diet in itself simply means what you eat on a regular basis. Hopefully, you are eating healthy, regularly and in moderation. If you aren't, I've written these tips to consider when packing your lunch pail for work.

For the health of it all: It seems a bit too much to ask of anybody since there is so much food out there that tastes so good but is ever so bad for us. Sure indicators of this are all the foods with ingredients that are difficult to pronounce for those without a degree in chemistry. You can use the Department of Agriculture's Food Pyramid as a basis upon which to plan your meals throughout the day. In most cases, your breakfasts are non-existent and your dinners are under the control of someone else, so, with that said, you can use your lunch as your catalyst to begin a healthier and more environmentally-conscious existence.

Turning a bad habit into a best friend: We have many habits, good and bad. With that in mind, many of us fail to eat properly. Period. Beginning to eat healthy is nothing unless you have a good habit to back it up. So if you are trying to eat healthy this year or the next, be sure to incorporate a habit that will help you continue on the righteous path. Your immediate goal is to simply eat better during your lunch at work. By the way, the most immediate habit you can stop that will make the most impact in the immediate future is to substitute the drinking of carbonated sweets, especially soda, with water. Make these habits your best friend and I guarantee you will make it count!

Enjoy eating while being health conscious: Keep in mind that unless you work on a farm for 10 to 12 hours a day, you will need to pack enough food to give you energy to get you through until dinner. Your portions should be adequate and commensurate of the type of work you subject yourself to on a daily basis. If your career is anything like mine, you will have employment that focuses more on sitting in front of a computer for at least 8 hours day. You may find that simply substituting your current food variety with another may still give you the same pleasurable eating experience as you have experienced before. An example of this would be to substitute your meats with low-fat poultry. You may even go as far as to change your lunch from having meats to just eating fish or even nuts or seeds - just a thought.

So you've packed a healthy lunch, you have committed yourself to a goal, and you are eating in appropriate portions. What are you to do next? Believe me, this is tough enough already. Get your lunch habits in check before you move on to anything else. While these tips will help many, be sure to consult your licensed physician before changing your diet. Remember that you are doing this for yourself and that one size does not fit all - feel free to change your schedule as variety will go a long way. When you are ready, you can incorporate activity into your lifestyle. I wish you a safe and healthy journey.