Whether it is you or your children, you should know what you are agreeing to give your children or even put into your own body. It isn't just the flu vaccinations or vaccinations for children that we should be worried about. There have been many reports that state that vaccinations and autism are linked. I cannot be 100% sure on that so I am not going to touch on that subject.  It is a very controversial subject that angers a lot of people.  However, I am going to let you know that there is proof there is harmful ingredients in them.

There are some ingredients in common vaccinations that I definitely would not want in my body.  Some people say, it's only a small amount of mercury that you are putting in your body, it really isn't a big deal.  They are wrong and you shouldn't be listening to them. Of course it is a big deal. After all, there is more mercury in a flu shot than in fish and they limit the amount of fish we can safely eat, right?  Many people don't believe that there is still mercury in flu shots because people tell them that it has been removed.  This is a myth and is not true.  There is in fact mercury still in these flu shots.  Ask your doctor or pharmacist for an insert and take a look.  There is indeed still mercury bi products in the shots you are putting into your body.

If mercury isn't bad enough for you, there are many more dangers as well.  Nail polish remover, antifreeze and animal parts are other things going into your body.  Certainly this isn't something that I want in my body.  Do you think this is safe for anyone to put into their bodies?  Like I said earlier, "It is a small amount, it's not going to kill you".  Maybe it won't kill you immediately, but it will slowly cause severe harm.  If you eat just a little tiny bit of rat poison is it okay because it is only a small amount?  No!  Absolutely not!  The smallest amount of rat poison is very dangerous for you.

It is time for others to wake up and realize what they are putting into your body and the bodies of the ones you love.  It really is your choice whether or not you want to get a vaccination, but it is important to know the risks and what ingredients you are getting when you do so.

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