The mind is the tool with which an individual should use to achieve personal success. One starts by having a clear vision of his goal in mind. It must be so clear as to create faith and belief in its achievement. Using examples of people whose lives were built on this idea, the author shows that it is humanly possible to achieve what one purposefully set out to do. 

To ensure that life is enjoyed to the maximum, for example, one must take care of his health by exercising, by eating right and so on in addition one must also take care of what he allows to grow in his mind because it becomes his belief and therefore his habits which eventually lead to hid destiny. 

It is not mandatory to have acquired the highest level of education to achieve success. Simple people from humble backgrounds have achieved great success that has affected generations and will still continue to have effect on future generations.

The Main Ideas
  • One must have a definite purpose. It is important to have a goal and focus on it with steadfast devotion. If one has no goal, then he will never fulfil anything that may be of importance to him. If you focus on that one idea it is bound to bear fruits. One must then get down to creating a plan that will propel him towards this goal. The plan must be written down to tell your mind that you have committed to it. Then work to create a positive mental attitude, and all this takes place in your mind. Build desire around this idea so that it becomes an obsession. This will cause an attraction to only those things that will help one fulfil this idea.
  • Surround yourself with people who build you and not those who cut you down. This means having people who have the same vision as you and are willing to go the extra mile to achieve it. 
  • The third idea is that having faith is crucial in achieving your goal. The mind must be conditioned to think in a certain manner, through faith one opens the mind to the possibility of anything even though it seems is impossible to the doubtful mind. Faith by definition also means overcoming your fear. The author lists several most common causes of fear such as fear of poverty, criticism and so on. It prevents any positive thought pattern and instead of finding a solution one only wallows in self- doubt and never tries to attempt to go beyond it. Eventually one gives up on a potentially fruitful idea.
  • The idea of budgeting your time and money also has great importance to me. The progress of success will be largely determined on how well one spends his time and money. People with definiteness of purpose are doers according to the author while those who have no goal are easily controlled by circumstances and are drifters. 
  • The fifth and also important point is to learn from adversity. It is through mistakes that one can become a better person. It is therefore crucial that one learn from his mistakes in order to empower him at the next moment. According to the author, failure reveals and breaks bad habits allowing one to have a fresh start. Failure causes us to one to look deeply within himself and take stock. In building relationships with others whether on a personal or professional level, I have learned that through mistakes and positive criticism one can slowly building himself up and become better person with correct principles.
  • The sixth idea is enforcing self-discipline. Self-discipline allows one to control his emotions. The author gives at list of positive and negative emotions. Either way one chooses to go, he must control emotions and direct or channel them in way that is most beneficial to the achievement of your goal. 
  • Lastly, maintenance of good health is one of the greatest factors leading to happiness. A body that is overweight or underweight due to too much food or the lack of it, can never sustain positive thoughts. I believe exercise helps to enrich and strengthen the thought process. Bad habits such as excessive alcohol and smoking deteriorate the health of the body and mind. For example I always feel better after doing some exercise especially swimming and it enables me to keep my weight under check and also keep fit.

Helpful Thoughts

I believe that self discipline must be constantly put into practice for any effects to seen. Self-discipline gives birth to many more virtues such as emotional control, patience and so on. This is a very key principle for any successful person. This can help one understand people before judging them and seeking to put others first by giving full hearted charity. Self discipline is the way in which man can model and change his habits for the better.

In any endeavour to break an old negative habit we must replace it with another that is positive otherwise the void will be filled by a habit or something else that is not helpful to personal development. One may have heard of how overweight people successfully go through a gastric bypass surgery, an operation that allows them to lose a considerable amount of weight yet many become alcohol or drug addicts. In essence food addiction has been replaced with alcohol or drug abuse.

Letting go of the past can really bring freedom especially of thought and action. This means that one can then concentrate of your hopes and desires and richly use your creativity instead of relying on your memory. It is important to strike a balance between living in past experiences and imagining what the future would be like. They both can prevent one from participating in the present life. We should live in the present moments fully so that all the opportunities that come ones way are fully utilized.

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