Renewable energy is a hot topic in today's culture, and for good reason. The world is dependent almost entirely upon a single source of energy that will eventually dry up - fossil fuels. Sure, there are other sources of energy out there that are being tapped, like hydroelectric and nuclear power. Other smaller contributors are wind farms, solar arrays, and biofuels. But there hasn't been a mass-produced, widely accepted renewable energy source vehicle placed on the market yet.

Electric cars will still rely 'on the grid' for charging purposes. If we ran out of gasoline tomorrow, the world's economy would simply shut down. Most people depend on gasoline just to get to and from work. Renewable energy sources would reduce the reliance we have on limited fossil fuels. This is just one of the many advantages of this kind of energy. Lets look a little closer at a very interesting source of energy - the sun.

The sun always rises. Unless there is cloud cover, it always shines. Therefore, almost every day we potentially have a never-ending, free energy source right outside our homes. It can be pretty mind numbing when we pay more than $3 for a single gallon of gasoline, and hundreds of dollars per month to heat and cool our homes. Granted, the cost of harvesting the sunlight is very, very high right now. Solar panels and installation can cost tens of thousands of dollars. But the idea of 'free' energy in a never-ending supply brings security and peace of mind.

Solar power for homes can remove our home from relying upon power suppliers. During an emergency, power can be out for weeks. With the addition of a solar power system, this reliance is non-existent. Living 'off the grid' can bring added bonuses when coupled with the use of, say, an electric car. If the sun charged the batteries for your car, how much would you end up saving on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis by not having to buy gasoline?

What are the advantages of solar energy? Like any renewable source of energy, reliance upon fossil fuels and power plant energy is reduced or even eliminated. Costs, over the long-term, will diminish or disappear. Not to mention the reduced amount of pollution and waste produced.

Solar power is a very interesting energy source, and has many advantages, which are discussed above. While the costs of installing a solar power system onto your home are high, you will need to decide if it is worth it to ultimately make the plunge and go solar.