Many parents can attest to being begged tirelessly by their children to buy or adopt a family dog. Buying a dog is a big decision for any family, and every member of the family must be taken into consideration. Many children love dogs – but some dogs need to be well trained in order to be suitable around kids. The following breeds are among the best to purchase for families with children, especially for children who don’t have much experience being around dogs. 


Beagles, with their gentle and kind demeanor, are a great breed to purchase for families with children. They are very high energy and are always willing to play with children. They love being picked up and cuddled and will form strong bonds with the members of the family but especially with kids. Beagles need a lot of attention, and are perfect for a child who is looking forward to dedicating the time and effort necessary to care for their new dog.


Bulldogs may be portrayed as vicious, intimidating animals, but they are actually quite kind. This loyal, good natured breed is wonderful to keep around children, especially since they love the outdoors and will happily accompany a child to play outside. Bulldogs are very affectionate toward children as well, and are very protective and friendly. Bulldogs fit in easily and adjust well with any family.


Pugs are a breed that will regard children as their own family members, and they love to be around children. Pugs love to play, especially with dog toys, and are perfect for children who look forward to interacting with the family dog daily. Pugs are very energetic and are not aggressive, so they are safe to keep around kids. These dogs have very cheerful temperaments and will be friendly toward children of all ages.

Golden Retrievers

Despite their large size, Golden Retrievers are wonderful family dogs who love to please their owners. They are gentle and kind and love getting attention from children, as they thrive on human companionship. These dogs are very active and playful, and do well both indoors and outdoors. Golden Retrievers are easy to train, and are an ideal breed to keep around children who are interested in teaching their new dog tricks.

Saint Bernards

Saint Bernards are another breed that is fantastic with children, as they are very protective of and loyal to their human families. Saint Bernards are good natured and gentle and are very loving toward children – in fact, they thrive on the returned love and attention a child can provide. This breed is a great family dog and loves daily outdoor walks and exercise.

Border Collies

Last, but certainly not least, Border Collies are great dogs to have around children and are very loyal and protective. They are fiercely intelligent and can be taught a number of tricks, or participate in games that children love. Keep in mind that Border Collies do need an active lifestyle as well as love and affection – just like any dog.

Almost any dog will be great with kids if it is well trained and treated properly; however, these few breeds above make the job so much easier. Just remember to prevent your kids from teasing your K9 friend regardless of breed, to prevent being bitten.