There are subtle differences between different brands and models of fixed projector screens even if, at first glance, they appear to be almost similar. There are several ways to familiarize yourself with these differences, which is important to do before you pay out a lot of money for a projector screen. You can study the specifications of different models. It is also often very helpful to read product reviews, especially those from satisfied or non-satisfied customers. There really is a lot to learn from reading reviews.

Remember too that a lot of the difference between models depends in part on your actual projector. Older projectors do not do as well at adapting to these differences as the newer models do. Some of the main qualities to pay special attention to include the screen brightness, the screen reflectivity, what sort of contrast the screen shows, how well it displays the colors and how sturdy and well made is the projector screen.

The best way to check the resolution of your fixed projector screen is to test it against different models of projectors. Preferably you should try to test it with the same model projector that you have, or at least one with very similar specs. The same holds true for testing the contrast as just looking at the projector screens specs alone will not give you a very good indication of what the contrast will end up looking like.

Screens should not, in general, affect the color accuracy at all. However, some cheaper screens actually do affect it. Probably the safest screen color to buy is the matte white screen as this almost always shows accurate colors.

Finally, it is good to check the actual quality of the screen itself. Some screens are definitely better made than others, they are built to last and they also are easy to install. It is always good to check out customer reviews when it comes to purchasing a new projector screen as if there are any deficiencies with the screen quality or build it will most likely be noted.

In summary, first check the specifications on the screen you are planning on buying, read up on any customer reviews and finally check the screen thoroughly using a comparable projector to the one you will be using. If you do these few things you should be able to make the right choice when it comes to buying a new affordable fixed projector screen.