Indeed selling your car is a big choice to make. Now, before you get rid of it completely, consider the worst mistakes people make while trading in their old ride and make sure these don't occur to you.

1. Don't overprice it. Even though during all these years you've been driving it, you might have developed a special bond with your car. So, for you it is nothing short of a spectacular one. Please note, however, that nearly all buyers are not aware of this. Rather they are just interested in a top deal with a car having less salvage helpfulness. Which means that if you have a superior quote for your car, keep in mind other cars would sell the first being low in charge. Of course, this doesn't mean that in some cases selling a car at a high quote isn't a good idea. But for this you need to have your car in ideal condition then only you can think of selling it off with a fine quote, but not for junk cars.

2. Don't spend money on repairing before suitable before selling it: This is one of the most silly (yet, very common) effects people do when they try to sell car. Remember that the money you are putting will not be recovered by the car sale. In any case it will be considered like any average car. The thing is nobody wants to pay you extra for the money you have put under a couple of repair etc. Remember an old rule of thumb: it's superior to sell my car with the failures at a lower price than to repair them proper before you sell it.

3. Don't sell car without all the documents. Make sure you collect all the documents of the car. If you are unable to do so you will be yelling at yourself at the end of the day. You certainly don't want to see the angry buyer at your doorstep a week after selling your car, do you? So make certain you do all your paperwork in an appropriate way. Remember, all the documents (like title or insurance check) are necessary for registering a car and it is your responsibility to provide buyer with these.

4. Don't be unprepared. Imagine the following condition: the car buyer comes to your house and wants to test-drive the car. However, you are keeping them waiting for an hour, because you cannot find the car keys or the documents that will let you leave the driveway. Try walking in their shoes and think whether you would buy my car in such a situation. So, if you really want to get rid of your car, be ready for it.

5. Don't lie. If you understand that your car has couple of mechanical issues, make sure you inform the buyer. Of course, effects happen and since you're not an automotive expert (and a prophet at the same time,) there is always risk that something can go wrong. However, don't try to hide the disadvantages that you already recognize about. It's is a good deal to tell your buyer everything you come across in your car like the faulty AC for example and then you sell him the car. Otherwise if nothing comes true for you, make certain you get of your car through the cash for clunkers program.