Steroids are Necessary

But Not What You Think

Steroids, in and of themselves, aren't a bad thing. In order to help facilitate the growth and development of the human body, the synthesis of several different steroids has actually been found to occur naturally. As a naturally occurring androgenic steroid, unfortunately, androsterone is very prone to abuse by weight lifters and athletes who hope to gain a competitive advantage over their opponents. Many choose to take steroids, such as androsterone, simply because the actual amount of naturally occuring steroid inside their body is really quite minimal--with males having more androsterone than females.

If you are contemplating using androsterone to help enhance your athletic performance, or for a variety of other reasons, it is important that you read this InfoBarrel article in order to better understand the real side effects that you could face if you choose to take them. Throughout this article, it is important to realize that steroids are natural and required by our bodies, however, unnatural dosing can lead to minor to severe side effects.

Side Effect #1

Psychological Compromise

Whether you are actually taking androsterone, or contemplating taking it, it is important to realize that many who take steroids realize some degree of psychological compromise in both the long and short term of their dosing. Many who have taken this steroid, or any steroid for this matter, typically convince themselves that it won't happen to them. Even if they do believe it will happen to them, these athletes and weight lifters convince themselves that the benefit to them, of taking steroids, far outweighs the potential side effects.

When you decide to take androsterone, you will find that you will gradually become more prone to feeling very moody and agressive. As an androgenic steroid, androsterone can cause your feelings and emotions to run the gamut of feeling depressed, to being aggressive, or even having unshakable suicidal thoughts. It is this very unpredictability of feelings and emotions that can have a very negative impact on relationships and social lives. In fact, many steroid users find that they are simply unable to engage in meaningful human interactions. Because of this, they oftentimes find themselves extremely isolated in their ongoing battles against their own thoughts.

Side Effect #2

Growth and Development Compromise

Because adolescents have an inherent desire to fit in with their peers and be liked, the temptation to use steroids can be that much greater. Even though initial usage of steroids can lead to the greater muscle mass and athletic performance that they are seeking, adolescents oftentimes fail to consider the many growth and development downsides of steroid use. Not only can taking androsterone stunt the growth process, but it also typically causes excessive acne breakouts predominantly on the face, chest, and back. To add to these side effects, the onset of puberty can also occur much quicker and with much greater impact. Beyond the psychological compromises that an adolescent will face, these effects on growth and development can actually cause your body to look very unnatural, despite the increase in your muscle mass.

Side Effect #3

Liver and Heart Compromise

Your liver and heart are two vital components of your body. You cannot live without them. Unfortunately, because the liver is the primary organ that handles the metabolizing (breaking down) of drugs, to include steroids like androsterone, your liver can become overtaxed by the demands of having to break down much greater amounts of steroids than your body is accustomed to handling. With important valves that are responsible for carrying oxygen containing blood to and from the heart, steroid use has also been known to negatively impact even the basic structures of the heart.

While cardiovascular disease is one of the world's largest killers, it is not typically related to steroid use. Unfortunately, studies have shown that those who do choose to take steroids like androsterone become more at risk for experiencing heart attacks, as well as high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Side Effect #4

Hair Compromise

Balding is a natural occurence for elderly who have lived many decades. It isn't, however, a normal occurence for an adolescent. Unfortunately, when steroids like androsterone are consumed, an early onset male balding pattern can occur. While males are much more pre-disposed to using steroids, females can also be impacted in the form of balding if they choose to partake. In women, unwanted hair growth can occur on the face, as well.

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