Treadmills are used by the persons for their workout exercises at home who want to avoid heavy monthly bills of gym membership fees as a feasible alternative. You can find expensive as well as reasonably priced models of treadmills available in the market to serve your purpose affordably. Though they may not be having sophisticated features as found in expensive models but even then they are equally useful for effective workouts at home. Some of the best buy folding treadmills under $700 to be used during 2013 are being discussed in brief in this article for your reference.

Healthrider Club H90t:

This treadmill is reviewed by the fitness doctors as one of the best treadmills that are available under $700 range. This model not only owns the best warranty in this range but also raked higher for its walking area and cushioning. As per the reviews available on HealthRider Club's site its sleek design and impressive motor make it comparable to the treadmills that are available upto $1000 whereas company is offering it for $699 only for your home workouts.

Proform 840:

Some of the renowned workout trainers recommend this model of treadmill as it is offered by the manufacturer to be the most competitive in its price range due to its salient features. Proform840 is provided with long tread belt of 55 inches having capacity of 300 lbs programmed 10 workouts to make it useful for your home use. It is provided with 2.25 horsepower engine with 12 years warranty. This model of treadmill is considered among the best treadmills under the range of $700. If you are thinking to buy one, then you should consider this particular treadmill seriously.

Sole F80: had recommended Sole F80 among the best treadmills for household workouts even being slightly above the range. Though this model is not available at commercial price tag even but its price tag gives a feel of commercial treadmill. It can be described as a mixture of functional features and fun features as it is provided with built-in iPod dock and speakers to entertain the users alongwith information of scrolling treadbelt on a sturdy structure. It is provided with two cooling fans to make it scroll upto 11 miles per hour.

Smooth 5.25 Treadmill:

According to the reviews of fitness experts this model of treadmill is considered among the best treadmills under the $800 range that can be used for home workouts due to its features of wide belt and long lasting warranty. The easy operations and easily foldable structure for transportation and storage of this treadmill is appreciated by most of the fitness experts and users. The eight preset programmed workout exercises and the feature of reducing its impact on the joints of the user makes it suitable for the use of older persons also.

Horizon T101 Treadmill:

This treadmill model had won Best Buy awards for several years in continuation due to its best features and affordable price. This treadmill is available at a very affordable price of $599 with 7.1 feet walking area controlled by 5.5 Hp power motor. It has 5.5 cushioning capacity with reliability and noise level of 4.8 and 5.9 respectively. The users and fitness experts had given it 5.95 rating for its performance and excellence. It is provided with a warranty of 3.5 years. The performance of the treadmill depends upon the average of motor and the sturdiness of its structure and both of these features are available in this model. Many of other treadmills that have motor of similar capacity are charging to several hundred dollar extra for it capacity.

Reebok: R 6.90 Treadmill:

RBTL67708 model of treadmill introduced by Reebok is appreciated by most of the household users and fitness experts as it is provided to them with a number of useful features. It is equipped with DMX cushioning, Dual-Grip AccuRat Heart Rate Monitor, Solaris Illumination Control, iFit Workout Card Technology, 6 programmed Personal Trainer Workouts and 6 programmed Weight-Loss Workouts. The Custom Workout Center, Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound System and Compatible Music Port for iPod provide the users with a combination of functional workouts alongwith fun features to make it an entertaining event. You can plug in the treadmill and start working out on it easily. The custom workout center provided with this model help you in setting your workout timing with minimum and maximum speed so that you can enjoy on it while getting your body fit all around.

This is one more treadmill model that can be considered as the best buy under $700 range. Its SpaceSaver Design, Quickly foldable structure that provide maximum work space and 18 programmed Workout Apps enable it to provide the best professional results through the workouts designed by a Certified Personal Trainer which automatically adjust your speed, by inclining and declining it. Dual-Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor helps in maximizing your workout capacity with its heart rate training tool. Its built-in, dual-grip monitor helps in maintaining your stamina for faster and better results. iFit Compatible Console provides you the competitive benefits through this model. Online fitness workouts and tracking powered by Google Maps alongwith video workouts and event training are the tools provided with this model to help you maximize your training efforts to reach your goals of fitness.

Merit Fitness 725T Plus:

This is another model of treadmill that is available in the most affordable range of $500 which is praised by most of the household users of treadmills and the fitness experts these days. It has a large workout area of 18x45 inches that makes it easy to use with an adjustable inclination of 10% to enable you to skip to the next level of workouts. It is provided with a 2.25 THP motor which is made to adjust the users of all walking levels ranging from lean to heavy walkers. This model of treadmill is provided with a sturdy frame of solid steel to make it long lasting as it hold lifetime warranty on frame. It has the capacity of 250 lbs to bear the load of well built users. It can be folded easily to a compact size of 31x53x34 inches to make it easy for storage or transportation.