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If you are moving to New Jersey, top schoolsfor your children may be one of your top priorities. Making sure your children receive an excellent education in a safe environment is always going to be a deciding factor in what city you choose to settle in.

Finding the Best Schools in New Jersey

There are several ways you can start gathering information about New Jersey schools and narrowing down your choices.


  1. Word of mouth. If you know friends, family members or colleagues who live in New Jersey, they may be able to provide feedback on which schools are good and which ones to avoid.
  2. National or state school scores. There are several websites which collect data about different school districts and rate them according to student scores on various standardized tests.
  3. Local publications. Check out South Jersey Magazine for more information on everything Jersey related, from top doctors and schools in the area to clubs in NJ and NJ events.
  4. NJ school rankings from additional websites factor in things like teacher satisfaction and parent or student input and can yield more information into local schools.
  5. Research names of schools in local newspapers to discover if there have been any serious problems reported, like widespread tampering with test results or problems with disciplined.
  6. Look up lists of the top schools (elementary, middle, high school, colleges, charter schools, private schools, etc) to get an idea of how schools are rated across the state. For example, in 2010 the top ten high schools in New Jersey were:

Ÿ           Millburn in Essex county

Ÿ           McNair Academic (Jersey City) in Hudson county

Ÿ           Tenafly in Bergen county

Ÿ           Glen Ridge in Essex county

Ÿ           New Providence in Union county

Ÿ           Northern Highlands Regional (Allendale) in Bergen county

Ÿ           Pascack Hills (Montvale) in Bergen county

Ÿ           Chatham in Morris county

Ÿ           Mountain Lakes in Morris county

Ÿ           Montgomery in Somerset county


Cross reference the lists, especially if you have children spanning a range of grades, to find the towns in New Jersey with the highest possible rated schools in each category.

After you have narrowed the field to the best schools, start looking at other considerations, such as work positions, commutes, and cost of living. Will you be buying or renting? Do you have a vehicle that will handle the roads outside of paved suburban areas, or do you need to stay closer to civilization?

Other considerations you may want to take into account is whether or not you want your children attending a private or pubic school, a uniform or non-uniform school, whether or not you have gifted children or special needs children, and what kind of extracurricular programs the school offers - such as sports, music, art, drama, etc.

Choosing a school for your children is an important decision that can affect their whole future. You want to feel confident that their education is complete without sacrificing the things they love to do and while ensuring their physical and emotional safety. Checking out the top schools in New Jersey can help you make the right choice for everyone in your family!