Everyone and anyone, has felt the slivers of love. Love is a force of creation, destruction, experience, and self discovery. There are many forces of love; scanning different age groups and individuals. Alas, what happens to the broken hearted? Do they truly heal? Or will they forever walk with pain in their heart?

Breaking up hurts. There is no doubting that. Sometimes breaking up is more painful than the death of a loved one. When someone has expired, they usually don't want to leave your side. But when someone breaks up with you, they want to deliberately leave you behind. It hurts; traumatizing even.

Friends and Family:
There are crucial steps when it comes to healing a broken heart. One of the best things that you can do is surround yourself with supportive friends and family members. They are essential parts of the moving on process. They will tend to you and your broken heart, and create a distraction away from the pains.

Distraction: Use the things that you use to do before you got romantically involved with someone. Try to re-familiarize yourself with your roots. The fact of the matter is, is that you had a life before your former partner. And you shall have a life after.

Time is your best ally. Time will heal your broken heart. As time goes on, the pain will lessen and you will realize the truth. Don't think that you are doomed to a lifetime of pain, for you are not. Let yourself feel the pain and the emotions. A tip that has definitely helped me heal my broken heart, is letting myself cry. It did not matter where I was, or who I was with, but if I felt a jolt of emotional pain, I would let myself cry. Maybe not have a full on emotional breakdown, but it was pretty obvious when I was a crying, emotional, hot mess. If you are having a particularly hard time moving on, you can always go to a counselor. There is a stigma that counselors and psychiatrists are only for "crazy" people. That is not the case. These people are well versed with the language of the heart, so let them decipher the messages that your heart and emotions are conveying.

How To Get Over a Broken Heart in 30 Days
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