We get caught up with the common drudgeries of life and quite frequently forget the many blessings in our lives. Why wait for the holidays to begin showing your thanks? I have put together the following ideas that will help you become more thankful at any day of the year.

Recognize. Just the fact that you are alive and reading this article is reason enough to be thankful. While many people are facing tough times, it isn't a new subject but that doesn't mean everything is in the toilet. Remember your family, and your friends - all of those whom you hold dear to your heart. Recognize your fortune by telling them how you feel.

Let it flow. I'm not saying that you show outward emotions and behaviors that might have your neighbors and friends thinking twice about your sanity. What I'm saying is that you can incorporate it in you daily activities in a subtle way. You can begin on something small like learning to look someone in the eyes and being genuine when saying thank you. Taking some time to convey sincere thanks is becoming increasingly rare and a lost skill - learn how to make it flow.

The ultimate. If you are looking on putting in some work, your best bet in maximizing your ability to show thanks is to give your time. I do understand that giving financial support to a charity is very important but the experience and spiritual satisfaction you get when volunteering simply cannot be matched. There is definitely no shortage in organizations that could use the extra help. A good place to start would be to check your communities for drives that you, yourself, find the most rewarding. Get out there and do the ultimate thing - donate your time.

So do not wait for a holiday or birthday to show your gratitude, realize that today is a special day within itself and it deserves recognition. When you do say thank you, make sure you mean it. All those good feelings you have brewing within needs to be let out – get out there and volunteer your time and do it frequently. I understand that you can do so many more things to show your thanks. In the meantime, you can use my list to get you started or to help someone on their way to becoming more thankful. May you have the courage to show your thanks!