There are several window coverings that keep houses cool. These can be easily found on sites like Smith+Noble and One of the advantages is that there are several styles you can choose from. Mini-blinds are convenient for most homes, and white shades will easily go with almost any decor. You'll certainly want to explore the different varieties that are available for you to choose from. If you use appropriate shades and blinds, you'll enjoy savings on your air conditioning costs.

Wood Blinds

This classic style looks good in almost any room. Wood blinds effectively block out excess light, which will keep your room temperature lower. When closed, they easily blend in with the rest of the furnishings. Many manufacturers include a valance to add a decorative flair to the blinds. Some blinds are stained or painted to add a little variety. Wood blinds are pretty easy to keep clean. Regular dusting will keep your blinds looking like new.

Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades add an eco-friendly touch to your windows. Many homeowners prefer bamboo because it's a sustainable material. Because it regrows quickly, prices are usually kept fairly low. These shades are available in several woven varieties that offer you as little or as much light filtration as you want. They're very easy to raise and lower in just one motion. When lowered, bamboo shades offer a lovely natural look to the room.

Aluminum Blinds

These blinds offer a lot of durability and are commonly used in high-traffic rooms. Most of the aluminum used in such blinds is six or eight gauge. Aluminum blinds offer good privacy as well as light control, which contributes to their popularity. Some varieties are made without holes for better light control. Enamel finishes help the blinds continue to look good after lots of use. The cords come equipped with locks to help prevent the blinds from crashing down.

Roman Shades

These shades are constructed of drapery fabric, giving them a nice look for any room in the house. The fabric used helps block out excessive light while adding a nice decorative touch. They are known for being eye-catching and come in almost any possible color. Roman shades come with headrail systems that enable easier installation. They are also easier to raise and lower as needed.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are well-suited to windows of various sizes as well as sliding glass doors. Vertical blinds are generally made of vinyl, allowing for easy care. Other types of materials used include faux wood and fabric. Both smooth and textured styles are available for all materials. The level of light filtration offered is very good, and the blinds open and close easily. The track systems included on vertical blinds are designed to last for several years.

Solar Shades

These are unique shades that allow you to see out through them while blocking out extra sunlight. They work well either by themselves or with other coverings. These shades block harmful UV rays that can cause health problems and damage furniture. They are especially suited to rooms that face that sun.