It is nearly impossible to find a holiday wish list that doesn’t include some hot new piece of technology.  Nearly every technological item comes with all the necessary cables and adapters to make it work, but these often only take care of the basic operations.  Here are the best cables to supplement those brand new holiday gadgets.


That new XBOX 360 and Blu-Ray player are awesome gifts, but there is little point having them if they can’t be plugged in.  A quality power strip allows for all the new accessories and devices to be plugged in simultaneously, so that individuals don’t have to crawl behind the television and switch plugs every time they want to use a different device.


With Netflix Instant Watch, Hulu, YouTube, and HBO Go, there have never been more reasons to stream video onto the computer.  However, many people like watching the content available on these with friends and family, so hooking a laptop up to a TV is incredibly useful.  The easiest way to do this is with an HDMI cable.  HDMI ports are available on most new laptops and just about every flat screen television.  HDMI cables allow users to transfer high definition video and sounds all with one cable.


Laptops without HDMI inputs will generally have a DVI input, which can also be used to transfer video from a computer to the television screen.  The primary disadvantage of DVI to HDMI cables is that they do not carry sound, which results in the need of:


RCA cables, known to the layman as “the one with the red and white end,” are designed specifically for transferring audio.  Getting one with a headphone jack allows individuals to plug it into their computer and transfer to their television the sound that accompanies the audio.  These cables are also great for plugging a new iPhone or any digital music device into the television or stereo and taking advantage of its sound system.


With the apparent value of HDMI cables, HDMI splitters have become a must have for any home with multiple high-definition devices.  Many HDMI cords aren’t nearly long enough to reach all devices, so an HDMI splitter allows individuals to get maximum use out of any six or twelve foot HDMI cables that they have purchased.


For avid video game players who frequently play online, quality internet connection is everything.  The lags in gameplay caused by wireless networks often mean the difference between life and death or winning a round.  A perfect gift for these individuals is a quality Ethernet cable.  Ethernet cables allow gamers to plug directly into the modem and play their games with the fastest connection available.  Ethernet cables also allow gamers to connect multiple systems together and have LAN (local area network) matches and campaigns.