The United States is still in a recession. Layoffs are at an all time high and spirits are at an all time low. We are at a time where the normal job skills may no longer be beneficial to us. People are going to need to find resourceful ways to make ends meet during these troubled times that will benefit not only themselves, but their families as well.

One such way is learning how to sew. Sewing is the fastening of cloth, leather, furs, or other flexible materials, using needle and thread. It dates back to 3000 BC and has been used throughout history from the sewing of our national flag, to the making of sails on our battle ships. Sewing can be simple, like replacing buttons or zippers on your outfit, to the more difficult, like making your own clothes. There are many jobs that can come out of sewing, such as a seamstress, a tailor or even a taxidermist. In the modern age, sewing has dropped down on the list of necessary skills to learn, as more people choose professions in business and technology over the textile jobs mentioned above. Now that the economy is so bad, it would be a good idea if people began to relearn this important skill.

A few years ago, when the economy was good and the job market was on the plus side, doing something as trivial as replacing a button on a pair of pants might not seem like it was worth doing. It would be much easier to just go to a clothing store and buy a new pair of pants. Thousands of people would do this every day without thinking twice. Now, however, people may not have the money to do this simple thing. If they had the skill of sewing, it would save them hundreds of dollars. Being able to move buttons, or replace zippers can help you make your clothes last longer. Shortening and lengthening clothes also make it possible for a mom to pass clothes from child to child thereby saving money. Imagine suddenly going from a two income family to a one income family. Using the newly acquired skill of sewing could mean saving enough money to help pay bills and reduce the cost of clothing.

If the economy continues on its downward spiral and you do not learn the skill of sewing, there could be consequences. Imagine if you are on your way to a very important job interview and you accidently rip the hem of your pants. If you do not know how to repair them, you could risk losing the job simply because of your appearance.

Children grow very quickly. What may fit an eight year old today, in one month may not. Babies can almost double their height in the first eighteen months of their life. Imagine having to keep buying new clothes for them every few months. In a one income family, this task might be too difficult to handle. Being able to make their clothes would help greatly. Material is not as expensive as buying ready made clothes. When sewing your own clothes you can be sure that they fit your family properly. You could even personalize your children's clothing by putting their initials on them.

I was getting my children ready for church recently, and my son tried to put on his suit. It was then we realized that his pants were too short. If I had known how to sew, I could have dropped the hem of his pants and still make it to church on time. Since I did not, however, I had to misschurch so I could go and buy him some longer pants or find a tailor who could alter them, thus costing me even more money.

Learning how to sew your own clothes could turn into a business for you. Since buying the material is not as expensive as buying clothes, you could charge less then clothing stores for new outfits. Some people might not feel comfortable going to thrift stores or yard sales to buy cheap clothing for their family. If they buy from you, they are still getting brand new clothes and a better deal than in a retail store. Homemade items can also include curtains, drapes, tablecloths, babies' bibs (very easy to make), pillow cases and many more items which can be sold with homemakers label. This could be added to her business venture.

Sewing is one of the many different skills that people could learn and benefit from mastering.