Cheap coffee tables are an indispensable part of any household. But nowadays, coffee tables are not just used while having a cup of coffee; they are more like a focal point of a friendly social gathering. Friends sit around coffee tables and chat for hours, and that is precisely why you should strive to give a trendy and stylish makeover to your coffee table. Everyone is going to notice it.

The market is full of cheap coffee tables, for example you can get  solid hardwood tables for under a $100. Also another good option to acquire a cheap coffee table can be to build it yourself. Coming back to the point, if you have ever wondered, “What can I put on my cheap coffee table?”  Then let me tell you there are a lot of ways to make your cheap coffee tables more captivating.

Planet Earth: As You`ve Never Seen It Before on Amazon for less than $30

This is one of the best coffee table books out there. The content is aimed at a broad spectrum of age groups, and makes for an absorbing read. Of course it seems logical to put a coffee table book on your coffee table, but this book is one of the most gorgeous books you can put on your cheapo coffee table. It is full of stunning images spanning the natural history of our planet earth, which will keep you and your guests engrossed while sipping coffee.

Assorted Items Look Best On A Cheap Coffee Table

Apart from books, there are other object such as flower pots , baskets etc. In addition, Amazon has an amazing selection of flower pots for under $25! You can use colorful and designer baskets and fill them with fruits, seashells, antique toys, various games, buttons or other assorted objects. The aim is to create an intriguing and aesthetic tablescape which appeals to all. Try not to overload your table and clutter it with decorative objects. Try to strike a balance between utility and style. A good practice is to mix objects of various sizes and colors to create a contrast. This definitely gives a better impression than a monotonous and dull décor. But of course, it depends on what you prefer. Some people find sober looking color scheme, without strong contrasts, very attractive.

There are many beautiful flower vases available that will look great as centerpieces on your table; for example DCI Magnetic Bud Vases are perfect to put on your cheap coffee tables, and look elegant and stylish. You could always choose a perfect combination of flowers to go with your mood and the room décor. Natural décor is always soothing to the eyes and brings an element of liveliness into your house.

Current trends on coffee table tablescapes keep on changing. You can consult various fashion magazines to keep yourself up to date about prevalent trends. Also you have to take care with what you put on cheapo coffee tables if you have babies in your house. Obviously placing glass wares on a table which is not very high can be dangerous if your child can reach it. You should follow safety protocols in this respect.