Paper BagsCredit: paper bagsCredit: paper bags

Paper bags are often used for one thing and one thing only, and that’s for carrying groceries to and from the store. But these paper carry bags have a number of other uses which can be employed around the home, as well as outside. Too often paper bags are wasted needlessly after one usage, but they are both durable and useful so the next time you have a paper bag you don’t need to throw it away.


Obviously they can be used for shopping because the chances are this is where you came across your paper bag in the first place. Paper carry bags are durable, easy to store, and they don’t fly away in the wind as easily as plastic bags do. Most of these bags will be able to be used for at least four shopping trips before you must a new one.

Book Covers

If you have any older children than the chances are they have had to buy some expensive high school or college textbooks. These bags can be used as book covers to protect your investment by simply wrapping them around over the cover. Furthermore you can also decorate them however you like.

Removing Wax

Sometimes removing wax and grease from fabrics can be a hassle, but brown bags are incredibly adept at removing them. If there is a grease stain on your carpet then place a brown paper bag over the stain and then place a t-shirt or dish towel on top of it; the t-shirt is used so the bag doesn’t catch fire. Iron the t-shirt with the bag under it and eventually the stain will be removed, but if you are having trouble then remember to rotate the bag every so often.


Since these bags are more durable than plastic bags you can also use them for recycling. If you recycle your materials then using your brown paper bag for things like newspaper and empty plastic bottles can be a great way to prevent clutter. What’s more, you can recycle the paper from the bag while you are there too!


A bit of a strange one, but if you tear your bag into strips and then soak it in water it can entice earthworms into your compost heap. After your strips have soaked you can place them on your compost heap and then all you have to do is wait for results.


If you bring your carry bags home then consider leaving your fruit and bread in the bags for a day or so. Keeping fruit in one of these bags will speed up the ripening process so if you have bought under-ripe fruit then you won’t have to wait for days before you eat it.

Bread will also benefit from being kept in one of these bags because it will keep the crust as crispy as possible while keeping the inside as light and fluffy.

Wrapping Paper

Due to the distinctive brown colour of most of these bags, it makes it easy to decorate in whatever fashion you see fit. This allows you to save on wrapping paper for holidays and birthdays because if you cut them into squares and decorate them they can be used in much the same way as wrapping paper.

If you have some coloured string then you can also make a cheap and easy bow out of it too. This makes it a perfect homemade gift and really comes off better than just purchasing wrapping paper from the store.

Can Paper Carry Bags Save Money?

In the long-run these bags will be able to save you money because they can last for multiple trips to the store, and this will save you money as more and more stores are now deciding to charge a small fee for bags.