The Earth Needs No Saving, We Do.

The Planet Earth, Our Home

The Earth Needs No Saving.

All over the world more and more persons are becoming concerned about the planet Earth.  This is entirely misguided, as the planet Earth will be perfectly fine should we all destroy ourselves by continuing on down the excessive consumerism path we've been on for the past hundred or so years.

So lets get it straight, the planet doesn't need saving in any way, shape, form, or fashion.  What needs saving is humanity, as we are trashing our environment at a horrific rate.  The planet is not suffering from this, we are.

If there is to be a future for the human race on the planet Earth, the human race, quite simply and exactly, must change its collective values.  It starts one person at a time.  Across the Planet Earth, and nearly as a rule, our political leaders say one thing, and do another thing entirely.

Al Gore comes to most people's minds when environmentalism is being talked about, but does Al Gore do ANYTHING towards saving the environment for the future of humanity?  No, no Al Gore doesn't.  He's lied, and he's lied.  Some polar bear populations are on the increase, polar bears are not going extinct, and Al Gore's carbon footprint is so astronomically higher than the common American's, that he's made himself the biggest joke South Park Studios ever told.

So Al Gore is not the poster child for environmentalism or the change in human values we need to see for our planet's environment to support a human population the size we have, you and I are. Everything starts right here with me, or right over there with YOU.

You and I have to change our values, and not because some super wealthy hypocrite says we need to while he doesn't, we need to change our values for our own best interests, and if we truly look at the situation, our best interests lye soundly in the environment's best interests.

Plastic Garbage - A Major Symptom Of Rampant Consumerism.

Plastic Garbage

Stop Purchasing Drinks In Plastic Containers.

The late great George Carlin had once joked that the Earth probably considered plastic as one of its children, and the only reason for our existence here was to provide for the Earth...plastic.

David Mayer de Rothschild, despite being the offspring of the sort of family that contributes to and profits from all manner of human misery, has made plastic and crusading against single use consumption of plastic containers one of his major focal points in life.

No matter if you are worth a trillion dollars like David, or absolutely nothing like myself, plastic consumption and plastic trash accumulation is a big deal.  According to a website called "Smart Planet"[2] with a dot and a come, Americans throw away two and one half million single use plastic drink containers every single hour.  I can not doubt this, can you?  

Plastic consumption and waste hardly begins and ends with drink containers, but of course it is very easy to see how the plastic drink container is the poster child for plastic waste.  The plastic drink container was created for single use, and then disposal, but even were they often disposed of correctly, there would still be the issue of mountains of plastic in landfills.  So very often, plastic drink containers never make it to a landfill, they wind up in the ditches along the roadways, in the creeks, and washed up on shore at the lakes, and then there are hundreds of photos like the one above, of ocean beaches too disgusting for either man or animal.

Plastic, of course, is derived from petroleum, and the dream of recent years is to return plastic garbage into some sort of petroleum fuel.  Now this has been done already, but the kicker is the machines that do it...consume loads of petroleum fuel and put off loads of carbon emissions; all in all, not doing much towards contributing to a solution as contributing to the original problems.

The way to end the plastic garbage problem is to stop purchasing single use plastic containers.

There is no reason soda containers can't be made using glass again, and one can even purchase whatever their drink of choice is in aluminum.  Glass and aluminum are both easily recycled, and depending on where you live, profitable to recycle as well.  While glass recycling isn't so common where I live, metal recycling is profitable and available virtually everywhere in the USA.

Stop Using Single Use Plastic Grocery Bags.

Plastic Grocery Bags

End Your Use Of Plastic Grocery Bags.

All over the country people are waking up to the fact of the matter concerning single use plastic grocery bags, and how they alongside single use plastic drink containers, are creating tons and tons of trash yearly, and lots of it winding up in places other than the local landfills or recycling centers.

In some places, people are now being taxed for the use of these bags, so they aren't exactly free anymore.  Neither should they be, not for a people so lazy and ridiculous to throw them in their garbage, or let them blow out the window as they go down the roads.  

None of this is necessary, as reusable grocery or shopping bags are definitely available, and all one needs to do is learn to take those with them shopping into the store to have their purchases carried home in.

Me personally, I'm not what anyone would call a "liberal."  I do have to tip my hat, however, to "liberal cities" such as San Francisco, California; and Austin, Texas - as they're pushing for the end of single use plastic grocery or shopping bags in their cities.  According to "statistics brain"[1] around one TRILLION plastic grocery or shopping bags are used worldwide each year, a total of one MILLION per minute.  It takes one thousand years for these bags to degrade back into something that isn't garbage anymore.  None of that use and waste is remotely necessary.

Stop Eating So Much Meat, And Stop Eating Fast Food.


Stop Eating So Much Meat.

Stop Eating Fast Food.

I make no bones about it, I'm an unrepentant carnivore.  I have no intentions of ever stopping my consumption of meat.  I do recognize, however, that for my own health and well being, I'm going to have to adjust my diet to where I consume less meat.  In fact, eating less meat is what is best for our planet, and the environment we count on to sustain humanity in the future.

I dislike veganism as a rule, but not any specific vegan persons.  Veganism is a rather extreme ideology, and extremism in anything hardly ever solves any sort of problem.  Extremism only ever causes social divide.  Vegetarianism is far more rational, and healthy for a human being, but I personally have no intentions of going vegetarian either.  What is important here is we recognize that here in the USA, we as a people eat far too much meat, and our consumption and demand for meat contributes to deforestation, and ultimately, is an expression of pleasure seeking behavior, and to our own detriment.

Remember, you and I both are part of our environment so long as we are living, and what is best for us as individuals is also what is best for all of humanity, and the environment in which we live.

Yes, deforestation equates to land cleared for ranching, and is a real problem, but the fact of the matter is most deforestation occurs in regards to new construction, and not meat consumption or for meat supply.  Regardless, the facts are that should we all eat less meat, there will be less demand for meat, and thus, less deforestation for ranching purposes.

The issues, however, are not just the eating of meat, but WHERE we eat meat.  The fast food industries in America and across the world produce more tons of paper and plastic waste per year than can be calculated.  Eating at fast food restaurants, and having a cheeseburger wrapped in paper, and with sides consumed with plastic utensils, is the exact sort of symptom of poor values, the values humanity must change in order to maintain itself in the future.

We're simply going to have to slow down, and return to eating the sorts of meals we did as a species for thousands and thousands of years before now.  Meals based more upon grains and vegetables, and served on glass plates, eaten with metal utensils.