We want to treat our children like innocent, silly creatures who depend on us in every area of life. As a matter of fact, some of us want to keep things this way much longer than they should last. We have to accept that the small people we care for so much grow up very fast and even if they are still our little babies, they very soon become experts in some matters we have no idea about. Most parents are in deep shock once they discover how much their kids know. Some of the things our little ones know can make us proud and be also useful for us.

Kids learn very fast and they learn everything we teach them, whether we realize it or not. They learn the good things as fast as the bad things and because they find out how to tell one from another only later, we have to be very careful as parents. It is very important to watch our language and words when we are with the children, especially the smallest ones. We might think they don't know what it means but later it occurs that the first thing they said in the kindergarten was a not so pretty combination of swearing.

It is amazing how soon the children become experts in what they like. It concerns their hobbies for example. After reading one or two books, watching a movie and checking the Internet they can tell us so much about dinosaurs, airplanes or basketball than we might even feel embarrassed by their knowledge. They usually know so much more than us!

Another very interesting thing is children and consumer electronics. We buy a computer to our kid and we follow the manual carefully to assemble everything. We usually have some problems with it and, especially when it comes to installing all kinds of gadgets like mini mouse or webcam, we fail and give up at some point. The next day, when we come back from work we find our child using the gadget. When we ask them what they did to install it they are not able to answer precisely, they just probably tried everything and all of the sudden it started working. I know it is a bit risky to leave children with such tasks but their imagination, dedication and strong will to succeed make them achieve what they want. Later our kids become our home technicians and whenever we want to install a new DVD player or look for new TV channels they amazingly do it all without even reading the manuals.

I think it all happens because the children do things with passion. When a child loves something they devour all information about it. When they are passionate about bicycles they are very soon familiar with every screw and are able to fix them on their own. When it is computers and graphics they can surprise is with advanced drawings and projects the best web design Miami or New York specialists come up with.

It is important to allow our children learn new things but it is also nice to let them teach us. We might have been interested in totally different things when we were their age so we are good at other things. Now we can learn something new and our children are very often really good experts. We don't have to be afraid that our offspring stops respecting us finding out we don't know everything. They will be very happy to show off a bit and we will still be the wisest people in the world in their eyes.