What can you do to stop smoking? You have probably wondered about that question if you’re a smoker or even if you aren’t and just want to help a loved one break the habit. There are several things you can do to stop smoking and we’ll examine them in this article. Giving up this habit will be a difficult process but it can be done by anyone who really wants to give up their smoking habit. Smoking is an addiction to nicotine and it’s a very powerful drug that keeps you coming back for more.

As an ex-smoker I know how powerful nicotine is and how heard it is to give up on your smokes. Willpower alone just won’t do it, you need a plan and some support behind you to break the cigarette habit. I hope this practical guide will help you stop smoking in your own life and make you a healthier person.

You Must Want to Quit Smoking

Before you can actually quit smoking you have to absolutely want to break the habit in your life. If you “sort of” want to quit then you won’t be able to succeed. You must have the goal in your mind of completely giving up your cigarettes and never returning to them. You should have two main reasons for giving up smoking which are financial and health reasons. Since smoking is a very expensive habit now this is a good time to give up the habit and put more money into your pocket for other things such as new clothes or a vacation you have been dreaming about. The other factor that you should consider when you want to stop smoking is health reasons. We all know that smoking is very bad for our health so this is a good reason for giving up the habit completely.

What Can You Do to Stop Smoking – Find Support

One way to make your goal of quitting smoking is to use support to help you. Use the many Internet stop smoking forums and chat with others who are trying to stop smoking too. Share your stories and ideas about how to quit and let others know what methods are working for you. Share you achievements and your setbacks and become a regular visitor to the site. You could offer up challenges for each other as a way to stay motivated as well. Other support options are the numerous stop smoking books on the market. These books will give you tools to stop smoking and teach you how to break the nicotine addiction. Many of these books are written by ex-smokers or doctors so the advice is the vast majority of the books are usually quite good. 

Formulate a Plan and a Quit Date

Decide on an absolute quit date when you will have your last cigarette and stick to this day. Before you reach this day you might want to cut back on your cigarettes if you want but you don’t have to. Once you hit your quit date you can’t smoke at all you must stick to the day. Your plan for quitting will include such things as making sure you get rid of ashtrays, seeking support through forums, talking with friends, and avoiding situations where you might be tempted to smoke. Your plan will also have to include some tools to avoid the cravings.

Stop Smoking Aids - Tools to Help You Succeed

During the first few days your cravings for cigarettes may be very intense and this might continue for a week or so. To cut back on these cravings you can use stop smoking aids such as nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges.  I used the nicotine gum along with regular gum to diminish my cravings for cigarettes while attempting to quit. Other methods might work for you and there are plenty of stop smoking aids you can try on the market today. These won’t wake you quit smoking but they can help you with the process. Don’t smoke when using these products they are only aids to help you avoid the cravings for cigarettes. Follow the directions on the product carefully to see the best results.

If You Start Smoking Again

You may end up smoking again but this only means that you can try again in the near future. I quit for several years and then restarted for one year before quitting again. Don’t blame yourself if you start again just get back to the process of quitting again and set a new quit date. If you start again seek support in a forum or talk to a friend and share your feelings. Find out why you started up again and work on correcting the reason why you smoked again. It’s a long process from the time you want to quit until you finally do and are free from your addiction. During this time you must not give up hope that you will succeed even if you have some problems along the way in your journey.

You Can Quit Smoking

Every smoker has the power inside themselves to give up the habit. Make sure you actually want to quit smoking for good and then put a plan into action. Seek support from friends and online through stop smoking forums. Read as much as you can about nicotine addiction so you understand the reasons why you smoke in the first place. Use stop smoking aids to help you deal with the cravings and if you start again set a new quit date and stick to it. These are some of the things you can do to stop smoking. Make your own plan and just quit the habit. The process will be hard but it can be done and you’ll feel so much better once you finally give them up. You’ll save a whole ton of money and your health will begin to improve after you quit. Take up exercise, eat right and you’ll be free of the addiction to nicotine.