What Causes Skin Tags to Grow?

Essentially skin tags (or acrochordon) are protruding growths of skin and tissue. They're typically small in size and usually appear near folds in the body such as the neck, trunk, armpits, etc. but what causes skin tags to grow and how do you remove skin tags?

First understand that skin tags are relatively common in adults from about middle age on. They're usually characterized by a narrow stalk and are benign (non-cancerous) in nature. Unless they're causing you a problem such as irritation or are cosmetically displeasing – there's really no need for removing skin tags.

It would seem that not a lot of effort has been expended by the medical community in determining what causes skin tags to grow. The most common reason cited is rubbing and irritation of the skin. Other conditions that cause skin tags to grow include obesity and possibly heredity.

If you're wondering what causes skin tags to grow you're probably also wondering how to remove skin tags. Basically you have 3 choices: Leave them alone, remove them yourself (skin tag removal home remedy) or have a physician remove them.

· Leave them alone – Given the risks involved in skin tag removal home remedies and the potential cost of seeking professional medical help this might be the most viable option, especially if the skin tags are non-problematic and are not in a visible location.

· Remove them yourself – What causes skin tags to grow is usually a moot question. If you have them, most people want them gone. While removing skin tags yourself is doable, it's not without some risks. Like all skin, skin tags have a blood supply and while rare – severing it could cause extensive bleeding. Infection is also much more possible when using home remedies as opposed to seeking professional care.

The most common skin tag removal home remedies include tying off the base with a string, cutting them off with scissors or a razor. If you elect to go this route, a topical anesthetic will ease the pain - just make sure everything is as sterile as possible. If the skin tag(s) are close to the eyes, professional care is usually the better option.

· Physician skin tag removal – The most common methods of physician assisted skin tag removal include freezing the skin tag with liquid nitrogen and burning using electric cautery. Smaller skin tags will usually be treated with a topical antiseptic while larger ones may be injected with lidocaine prior to removal.

Sadly most insurers won't cover this type of procedure as it's largely considered cosmetic regardless of what causes skin tags to grow. The only time this may change is if there's a documented medical necessity because the growth is suspicious or in some way abnormal.

It should also be noted that it is unadvisable to use wart removers, oils, nail polish, hair removal creams etc. as they have not been tested nor approved for this type of use. Doing so could cause additional problems or unexpected complications.

If you're in doubt as to whether what you have is a skin tag or not or if you have them and would rather not remove them yourself the best advice is to always consult with your physician. Now that you know what causes skin tags to grow go tell others!