Snoring is potentially a sign of some other serious problem with you, even though you may not know it. Everyone snores sometimes, but there are those who snore every night. We have identified it as a potential problem, but it is equally crucial to know what causes snoring in all of us. Snoring primarily is caused by having excess amounts of fatty tissue in the upper parts of your throat. That tissue usually will create the snoring sound but often time's a person's tongue can get in the way of breathing and cause snoring too.

While some factors that cause snoring is in your controls, others you can do nothing about. Those most likely to snore are the elderly, those who are sick and males; all of which are out of your control. Now the prime example of something within your control is your weight. If you are overweight you the likelihood that you will snore is much higher because of muscles and fatty tissue in your throat being weak. Those who tend to sleep on their back and take different types of medications are more inclined to snore.

There are many ways in which snoring can either be cured or greatly improved. For those who are obese or overweight, you can start by losing weight. Studies show that even moderate weight loss can improve your snoring habits. Those who like to sleep on your back, the simple solution is for you to change sleeping positions. If you have difficulties changing your position, you can raise your bed several inches. This will help change your posture and allow the throat to get more oxygen into it. Stay away from alcohol, food, and medications before bedtime because this will increase the likelihood that you will snore.

It is important to know that everyone snores, but it is something that can be improved or eliminated, depending on your situation. The causes of snoring are important to know so you can make any changes if your lifestyle and possibly talk to a doctor. Snoring can eventually lead to sleep apnea which is a condition in which you stop breathing several times during the night. If the remedies above do not help you get better, then it may be time to see a medical expert to see what else you can do. Surgery and other changes in the bedroom are more drastic options that can be done if your snoring worsens.