Women are the naturally emotional gender. Men tend to separate themselves from these intense emotions that women can sometimes throw at them. Sometimes, it is rather hard for very emotional women to control their actions and words. Many people question exactly why women are emotional. I have composed three theories to answer this question.

1. Some women are trying to please society. It is extremely hard to live in today's society and live up to the high standards. Being negatively influenced by friends and from the world of entertainment can be an absolute challenge. When some women see the "ideal woman" in magazines and on television, they try to form themselves based off of that image. It is extremely stressful to try to be something that you are not. It has the potential of taking a devastating toll on the mind, causing some women to become emotional train wrecks.

2. Hormones can cause emotional distress. Most women, around certain times of the month, can become very emotional and depressed. While some women become depressed, others become extremely grumpy. Due to puberty, adolescent girls become very emotional because of the hormonal changes going on in the body. Menopausal women are even more emotional. Anxiety, mood swings, confused thinking, and depression are common feelings for these women.

3. Some women cannot let go of the past. Being irrational and crying constantly are all most women in this category does. Believe me when I say that I do understand being hurt and how devastating and life-altering it can be. It can affect a person's judgment of others. Considering this aspect, some women are unable to trust any human being and become very paranoid. Women who have been in controlling relationships where a man tells them exactly what to do, from the clothes that they where to even the shoes on their feet, can also be very emotional. Women who are in these relationships become emotionally attached to the man and may even begin to expect him to guide her every footstep. If this man leaves, the woman is left feeling empty, betrayed, terribly emotional, and simply wanting love. This even occurs in abusive relationships. Many women do the right thing and leave these types of relationships. Others, unfortunately, stay because they feel that they are incomplete without the man. If they are fortunate enough to make it out of the relationship, they can potentially become emotional train wrecks.

Women are very delicate but rather complex. The positive aspect of being emotional is that it offsets men's insensitivity. If there were no women around to be emotional, then the entire world would act just like men. Learning how to appreciate the emotional core of women can be a huge benefit for men as for women. Appreciate a woman's sensitive side and she will learn to appreciate you.