Today, celebrities look to expand their careers to the domination of every industry. Seeking to become not just actors or singers but also moguls, Hollywood’s most popular stars are designing their own lines of clothing and even mixing their own perfumes. However, it doesn’t stop there. Now some celebrities, many of them parents themselves, have taken on the task of shaping young minds by authoring children’s books of their own.

The English Roses

by Madonna

Pop phenomenon Madonna was one of the first celebrities to author a children’s book, bringing to life the British characters Amy, Nicole, Charlotte, Grace, and Binah in her series for 9-12 year olds called The English Roses. In this series, spanning over ten books, Madonna aims to teach readers via her characters the importance of friendship, compassion, and not to judge others before getting to know them. 

Is There Really a Human Race?

by Jamie Lee Curtis

In her picture book, Is There Really a Human Race?, actress Jamie Lee Curtis’ rhyming text tells readers the best way to succeed is through helping others. Perfect for kids in third grade and younger, this book views the human race as an actual race, with obstacles and a finish line, and tells the story via a conversation between a child and his mother, who tries to teach him that it is more important to be good to people than to finish first.

Little Bill

by Bill Cosby

Children may already be familiar with the popular animated series of the same name, but actor Bill Cosby’s series of books called Little Bill came first. In these books, for ages 4-8, Cosby’s title character, based on Cosby as a child, takes readers through his adventures at school and with his family and friends and attempts to show children the right way to solve various childhood moral and ethical dilemmas.

Just the Two of Us

by Will Smith

Rapper and actor Will Smith takes lyrics from his popular 1998 song, Just the Two of Us, and turns them into a children’s book for readers ages 4-8. The book pairs the lyrics with matching illustrations that show a little boy and his single father from birth into childhood, detailing the father’s struggles as well as his hopes and worries for his child as he watches him grow up.

The Brand New Kid

by Katie Couric

The Brand New Kid, the first children’s book authored by Katie Couric of The Today Show fame, centers on Lazlo S. Gasky, a student new to main character Ellie’s second grade class. His new classmates mistreat him and his mother is concerned, so Ellie makes an effort to befriend him. In The Brand New Kid, Couric emphasizes the importance of kids being a friend to other kids who might need one.

In a world where every actress is also a singer, fashion designer, and restaurant owner, taking on a career as an author is naturally the next step. Their writing often reflects on their childhood, offering their fans the opportunity to take an indirect peek into their personal lives. These children’s books authored by celebrities not only provide entertainment and enrichment for children, but their parents can also appreciate the efforts of the stars who wrote them.