Clean energy has been in the news for several years now and the discussion is growing. More and more Americans have an increased interest in the field. As people discover what clean energy is and what it does presents the question of what clean energy can do for you as an American. Clean energy can do a number of things for every American;

Clean energy saves natural resources

Natural resources can never be replaced. Once they are gone they are gone forever. This is a cold hard fact that many people of the 21st century have come to realize. Therefore, finding ways to save these resources is extremely important. Water, air, trees, grass and everything that comes along with nature is a natural resource. Even our wild animals are natural resources.

Clean energy can help us save our air when we don’t burn energy sources such as wood and coal. We can keep our air clean and healthy. We can save our trees by using recycled products and we can also save our water by not polluting clean water sources. This only outlines a few of the natural resources saved with using clean energy.

Think of deer that live in the wooded forest. With trees gone, wooded areas are gone and our deer are vulnerable and starving. Saving natural resources affects a lot more than many Americans think.

Reduces global warming

Global warming is another cruel realization of our generation. Global warming completely eliminated is a goal for everyone on earth. Until that time comes, reducing global warming is a priority. Promoting clean energy will help reduce global warming. Cleaner air and cleaner water is on the right road to seeing global warming reduced.

As Americans reducing global warming is extremely important because of the amount of energy we use compared to other countries around the world. America uses more than any other country. This has also been translated by several scientist that eventually we will be the most affected by the adverse effects caused by global warming.

Keep jobs in the U.S.

Reducing our dependence on foreign oil and increasing clean energy jobs will keep more jobs in the U.S. When our energy requirements move from looking to foreign countries to give us oil and other outdated resources, we will need more workers here in our country and less foreign workers around the world. Additionally, as our clean energy resources increase we will need more people working in the U.S. on clean energy.

One of the biggest ways we keep jobs in this country is working new jobs to make the devices needed to harvest clean energy and dispense it around the country.  There has been some discussion that clean energy will cost workers jobs, this is not necessarily the case.

Although it would be nice to have this happen overnight, it won’t. There will be workers that have their jobs for possibly years to come that connect us with oil and coal related energy while we transition to more and more clean energy jobs.

Creates new jobs

Promoting cleaner energy will create jobs on several fronts. There are several examples of how this will happen. Some sources of clean energy are in the solar and wind energy field. In order to harness and distribute wind and solar energy tools will be needed. Tools must be manufactured and distributed which means new jobs. As our dependence on old energy sources is reduced the amount of new clean energy related jobs increases as more clean energy required and used.

This doesn’t mean that employees in our historical energy fields will lose jobs. Job transition and new training will keep these folks employed in the clean energy area of employment. Along with positions that are on the fringes of these same employment opportunities. Positions in the educational field, parts suppliers, stores, sales merchants and others will definitely find employment benefits from clean energy.

Reduces our dependence on foreign oil

As Americans, we use more energy than any other country in the world. Our energy needs are unsurpassed.  We use more than what we can supply to ourselves. This has made us reliant on other countries for these types of resources. The number one energy resource that we need from other countries is oil. That makes us vulnerable in some situations.

America’s dependence on foreign oil has been a thorn in our side for lots of reasons. America is a proud country that has always been able to take care of her own business. Reliance on foreign oil holds us hostage to nations that distribute oil to us.

Other nations will dictate what we pay, how much we get, when we get it and could draw us into foreign politics or wars which split our country on several fronts. Getting away from depending on other countries for our major energy sources has no down side. It’s a win/win situation for nearly all Americans. The more independence we find with clean energy sources, the better off America is.

Leaves a better world for our children

Our children deserve to have a better world. Having a better world means more natural resources and more freedom from other countries politics. Cleaner air and water means healthier children. More jobs means a better economy and overall these things combined means a better America.