If you have decided to decorate you probably are asking "What color should I paint my living room?" It really depends on your space but you can get a designer look on a budget just by following a few simple design principles. Here are a few tips on what colors you should paint the living room.

Consider the light in your space. Paint can make your room look bigger or smaller. Depending on how much room you have you might want a cozier, more intimate feel. If you have a very small room you will probably want to bring in a lighter paint color. This will help make things seem bigger. This is important when you are inspired by decorating magazines because they will often deal with very large spaces that just aren't practical for the average size of home. This can mean that you can use the exact same paint chip that you see on decorating TV shows but will just make your room look really crowded and cavernous.

Go with a fresh new color. Your living room might seem dark and dated, but you just can't replace all of your furniture in your house because of budget constraints. This is where paint can really make your room feel modern fresh. The easiest way to choose a paint color is just to look at the fashion runway or photographs in designer magazines. Of course, you'll still need to customize the color to your space. Right now, gray and turquoise seem to be very hot colors. You can use anything from a light gray to a dark charcoal to get a designer look in your home that still works for your everyday life. Of course with this kind of trendy color you'll have to repaint in a few years but this ensures that you constantly get a new look that is always on the cutting edge.

If you're asking yourself, "What color should I paint may living room?", you should go with one of your favorite colors. This may seem like it will initially overwhelm the space or be too much color. If used correctly you will really love the color that you have always loved. Choosing your paint color can be as simple as answering the question about "What's your favorite color? Depending on your space, you might not be able to use the color on your walls but you can probably find a way to bring it into your room. You could paint an end table a funky green or just paint the back of your bookshelves a daring color so they get noticed. You can even paint your fireplace a classy purple to add your own touch to a pretty basic architectural detail. Of course you want to leave the rest of the room really neutral so that it doesn't become overpowering and your favorite color still shines.

When asking yourself "What color should I paint my living room?" think about what you already have going on in your space. You might not be inspired to decorate around those black leather couches from your husband's bachelor days but that might just be the harsh reality of your budget constraints. You can use paint to give a new look to the items that are already in your room. Remember to use any furniture or carpet that is staying in the space as your jumping off point for the rest of the colors in the room.

Choose a color based on theme. This will be different for different themes and you can still customize it so it works with your space. For a French country feel you can go with a blue and yellow color scheme or even a red and white color scheme. This will give you a very cheerful look. You want to make sure that it has enough balance that it isn't overwhelming or ends up looking like a circus. You can even go with a pink living room if you really want a feminine touch, but you have to check with all of the males of the house first. You may just want to compromise with a chocolate brown paint color and then you can bring in rose accessories so you both end up with a room that you love.

Another way to decorate is to go with a feeling. This is great if you don't know exactly what color you want or exactly what style but you know how you want the room to make you feel. For a relaxing space go with a cool colored pale lavender, blue, green, gray, or taupe. If you want your living room to be welcoming or energizing then go with warm colors like orange, red, or yellow. If you don't really know what you want you may want a neutral color. Make brown, black, or white, exciting. Neutral rooms don't have to be boring, they can still have a point of view and personality. They'll just be easier to live with and decorate around in the future.

Instead of asking "What color should I paint my living room?", you should be asking "What colors should I paint may living room?" You need to choose more than one color to create a really dynamic looking space. This is even true if you're sticking with neutral colors and is probably even more important in these kinds of situations. You'll need a color for accessories and you might want to choose a different color for your ceiling and the mantle or the fireplace. Choosing your first color is only a small part of creating an entire color scheme but it is also the most important choice that will help dictate the rest of the colors in your room.

Asking "What color should I paint my living room?" is kind of a loaded question. There are hundreds of shades of each different color to choose from that you can choose with a little research and realistic expectations. You can really find the perfect color that's just right for you.